Saturday, July 25, 2015

My week 7/18 to 7/24

Saturday-I only have 2 envelopes full of Friendship books. So I'm not mail any this week. 
 Sunday-There wasn't no coupons in the Sunday paper Today. I clean my car out. I hoping my car don't dead on the road.

Monday-I received a letter from Social Security to see about my disabled. It was about 12 page long. I only fill out about 5 Pages.
 Tuesday-Christy & Tom been married for 36 years Today. The guy at Babcock think it was the gas cap.

Wednesday-I forgot Stori takes Chad & Ian to Bloomington, IN (IU) every Wednesday. Starting Monday I will email Stori pictures from my Iphone. The ones that didn't print out good with the picture printer. Stori will send the pictures to Wal-Mart. 
 Thursday-I start playing Solitaire Live and Solitaire Tournament. I could get off the games until 1AM. 

Friday-I'm hook on both Solitaire on Facebook. It crazy. 

Until next week

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    I sure can understand you getting hooked on those darn FB games. I am still only playing Bejeweled and while I'll never really be good at it, I keep trying. My hand is a little too shaky a lot of the time so I hit the wrong thing.

    I play Spider Solitaire on my computer (only with 2 suits) and I am totally addicted to that too.

    On to the next blog ........ ♥♥♥