Saturday, August 22, 2015

My week 8/15 to 8/21

Saturday-I wash my sheets off my bed. I was putting other sheets on my bed. I fell down in my bedroom. My arm start blooding. 
 Sunday-I went to Wal-Mart with coupons. It cost me $127.17 without coupons. With coupons $112.17. My friend Rhonda call about having Lunch Tomorrow at Pizza Hut.
 Monday-I meet Rhonda at 11:30 at Pizza Hut. We had great time. I hope we go out for lunch again. I forgot to check-in on Facebook at Pizza Hut.
Tuesday-It been 10 year Tonight since I saw my first Clay Aiken Concert. I miss his Concerts.
 Wednesday-I was able to come home and put a clean top on. Before going to the workshop. I went to State Farm to get papers. They wouldn't give them to me. 
 Thursday-I was going out to Stori at 12PM. But Stori text me. at 11AM. to tell me she was putting Lyzah down for a nap. Lyzah may sleep for 3 hours. I was going out to Stori at 1:15PM because I need to talk to Stori. Stori text me and told me she was taking a nap too. So I didn't go at all.

Friday-Around 11:30AM I could on the Internet. I had a lock on it. I call Stori for Dell phone number. They couldn't get the lock off. I found out the Internet was down that why there was a lock on my Internet.


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  1. Hi Deborah,

    I hope your arm is okay from your fall.

    Those coupons sure saved you a lot at WalMart. I should start watching coupons a little closer. We do get flyers from them too and I usually buy stuff when it was on sale.

    Pizza Hut is a great place for a meal. My girlfriend and I used to go there for lunch frequently ... many years ago. :)

    How well I remember The Jukebox Tour. It was 10 years ago on August 25th that I saw it. I saw it in Darien Lake, NY, Toronto and one other place. I think it was Indy but I'm not sure.

    Take care.