Saturday, August 15, 2015

My week 8/8 tio 8/14

Saturday-I received a letter from NewWave about Capitalone rejected my TV cable payment. Clay Aiken son Birthday is Today.
Sunday-I had to turn on my Electric Blanket last night. I only cut 2 coupons out. I should save $27.50 for the month.

Monday-I PM Stori on Facebook. I ask her to make appointment with. She got a appointment next Monday. I want her there, so she know what going on.
Tuesday-No Friendship books this 2 days. It like every other week. I have friendship book.
Wednesday-I went to my doctor appointment little after 3PM. I got back in a room at 3:08PM. My appointment was 3:20PM. My doctor came in at 3:45PM

 Thursday-Went to the Hospital at 8:30AM for the blood work for my Doctor. I went home at 9:02AM. Went out to Stori to see Lyzah. Stori told me she can't take me next Monday to Jamey Office. So I will PM Stori again on Monday. To have her make another appointment with Jamey. 
 Friday-The same lady was sick on Wednesday and stay home, stay home Today. I got a thing of coupons in the mail.

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    We'll always remember August 8, 2008 won't we?

    It must be colder there than it is here. I still sleep with just a light sheet over me and I am fine. We still have our a/c set at 75 but it doesn't come on very much.

    The weather has been fairly nice here lately. I don't like the heat so it has been great for me.

    Hope you are well.