Friday, September 25, 2015

My week 9/19 to 9/25

Saturday-I received a new Capitalone card with a chip Yesterday. I order a $25.00 gift card. I pack 6 9x12 envelopes with friendship books.
 Sunday-I didn't cut any coupons out Today. I got my rent check done before 11:30PM. In August I was making a rent check out at 11:30PM. 
 Monday-I was busy after work. I went to William Brothers to get refill of meds, I didn't stay. I went to the bank, Post Office then went to Hoosier Upland to sign up for Emergy Assistance 

Tuesday-I learn how to use my new Capitalone master card at Wal-Mart because it have a chip. 

Wednesday-I didn't think I would write that much for Today. But someone got my credit card number and use it at Burger King and Target. So I don't have a card until Friday. Because I need it to order stuff on Saturday. There NO Burger King Target in Paoli. They use up $300.00.

Thursday-Capitalone send my New card Today. I had Stori cut my toe nails . I call FedEX the guy told me they will have the Capitalone card at my door at 12PM. 

Friday-Order out crazy. I think everyone got they personal pan pizza's My Capitalone Master card was in my front door at 12:15PM. I received my new personal  checks that I order last weekend. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

My week 9/12 to 9/18

Saturday-I wake up at 4:30 went to the bathroom. I try to go back to sleep, couldn't went on my computer. Went back to bed at 5:07AM, did fell to sleep. Wake up at 8AM for the day. I couldn't take a nap Today. I don't have to pack Friendship books Today.

Sunday-I wear a hoodie all day until I start cooking. I add up the coupons I will use on Friday. I add $16.60

Monday-Today I should send my friend Sue money for the National Inclusion Project Gala, but I couldn't because I had to get my A/C fix.

Tuesday-Stori and I went to Jamey Office Today. I can't get started on my dream yet. 

Wednesday-After  work I mow my grass . It took me about 40 mins to mow. My mower didn't dead on me Today.

Thursday-I couldn't go out to Stori's because Livia and Stori was sick, Owen was sick on  Monday. I received Publishers Clearing House to enter to received $7,000.00 a week. I play a game with the enter from PCH it is I have to match 3 things is same. I did it was One Million I'm sending the card back to PCH on Monday. 

Friday-After I went to Wal-Mart with coupons. I don't know how much I save. But I got 27 Items for $89.56. I received paper work from Hoosier Upland Energy Assistance Today. 


Friday, September 11, 2015

My week 9/5 to 9/11

Saturday-At 3AM I order the book Hidden Kennedy Daughter. I wish my parents would hear me out. That Carol is getting me in trouble in Town. Only thing I get is shut my mouth or I get grounded to my trailer. At 10PM I order the book The Missing Kennedy. Trisanna told me she had the sandbox outside., I got from my job Birthday bash. There was color books, Crayons, water paint, markers and 20 pound of sand with the sandbox. Trisanna going back to hers old job. 

 Sunday- I been cleaning my trailer by rooms. I have my bedroom and half of my bathroom done. I did it when TV Commercials is on.I will wake up as I'm going to wor. So I can clean stuff by 8AM. I will be able to Vacuum. Then all day I can read The Bad Witness.
Monday-Labor Day. Got up at 4:50AM. I didn't clean, 7:30AM I start not feeling good. I had breakfast by 8:30AM I lay down. I wake up at 10AM. I didn't feel like vacuum. 
 Tuesday-I went to work at 5:35AM. I got done at 8AM. I went to the Post Office to mail 5  9x12 enveoples. Then went to Wal-Mart for the week.
Wednesday-My friend Rhonda thought Today was my Birthday. I comment on Facebook that Rhonda was a moth early. But I thank her for thinking it was Today. I got done working at 11:30AM. 

Thursday-I wish I had more Friendship books SWAPS friendship books with more peoples. So I can go to the Post Office more .
Friday-I had fun with my friend Rhonda at lunch. We learn that Grandparents can take lunch for Grandparents week at School at Throop Elementary. 


Friday, September 4, 2015

My week of 8/29 to 9/4

Saturday-I did my laundry for the week. I mow my grass too. I don't have to pack any friendship books. I received from 2 persons. 

Sunday-Christy E-mail me her new home address. But I haven't print it out yet. I cut about 10 coupons Today. 

Monday-The Town Christy move to is Huntertown, Indiana I was looking for the Journal that I wrote in when Stori and Jamey went to get Chad and Ian. I can't find it.

Tuesday-I didn't get any mail today. I will gas my car up Tomorrow.  thinking I will do Tuesday job on Wednesdsay next week. Because Monday is Labor Day.

Wednesday-I received friendship books from a lady from Germany. Some peoplesare upset about the Superintendent being fire after June 30, 2017.

Thursday-Mom & Dad been married for 59 years. Jamey Mom had Surgery. They took her at 12PM. She will stay over night in the hospital. I call my friend Rhonda about having lunch on next friday. 

Friday-My Friend Mary and I went to Connie's Country Kitchen for lunch. I call Mom to see what time we are going Michael and Trisanna Cookout Tomorrow.