Friday, October 16, 2015

My week 10/10 to 10/16

Saturday-Mike talk me into talking to Carol. I try to tell her, what she did that make me mad. Carol told Mike I lie to her all the time. So Carol made my mind up for me. I'm walking away from the family. 

Sunday-I clean my living room up and Vacuum the living room. I didn't cut coupons out Today. 

Monday-It was 57 at 4:30AM. I mow my grass in an hour and 15 mins. I start a new pen pal letter. I'm a bad pen pal. 

Tuesday-It been 2 years since Sandy Asbell pass away. I call NewWave a whole week Today about my home address.

Wednesday-I add all my coupons that I will use for October. I have about $14.30. NewWave had to call another company about my address again. 

Thursday-I mad appointment for my eyes. I made it at 1PM on 10/28. I hope Stori can go with me. Wish my pain in my back would stop. 

Friday-I use all the coupons but one. I'm done buying Toilet paper, Towel paper and Napkinsuntil April. I made a video of how much I have on Facebook.


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  1. Hi Deborah,

    Maybe some time apart will heal the rift between you and your sister. I do hope it happens. My daughter and I haven't spoken in about 8 years and I finally just gave up. She got mad over something totally stupid and hasn't spoken to me since .... no cards... no nothing. I finally gave up sending anything a few years ago so there has been no contact.

    I had cataract surgery on both my eyes and in addition to it being very painless, I can actually read the address numbers on the other side of the street....something I couldn't do before. :)

    I hope your back settles down. Mine is bad too and it is hard to do anything with a sore back.

    Take care,