Friday, October 9, 2015

My week 10/3 to 10/9

Saturday-I turn on my furnace for the year. Stori got a Doctor appointment for me on Monday at 5PM for Hormone Level. I pack 4 brown 10x13 Envelopes. with friendship books

Sunday-Why would someone text another person. If they are a surprise. So I'm piss off. I'm not going to the doctor Tomorrow. That how DUMP my family is If Tom didn't text me. There would be a party.

Monday-I cancel my doctor appoint for 5PM. If Tom did text or Email me. I would went to the appointment Stori think I lie about the water Meter. I told Stori I had to rank the stuff off the water Meter. Stori didn't say anything. Christy & Tom came down for Livia 2 days. But they wouldn't stay a day for me. They only had 30 mins that what Tom text they was going home . He text at 7:45 AM and I didn't see it until 9:30. But they can stay all day for Jamey but not for me.

TuesdayI went to Doctor to make another appointment for my back.   I can't get on Facebook with Mozilla Firefox. But I can with Internet Exporer. I found out why my credit card payment is getting rejected. Because NewWave have my Lot 35 wrong. They have 35 Lot Capitalone will not payment if it 35 Lot. Because Capitalone have Lot 35.

Wednesday-NewWave hadn't change my Lot 35 to the right way yet. I like doing one load of laundry at the workshop. 

Thursday-I send inbox message to Carol on Facebook. Say I was sorry about last Wednesday on the phone. I told her to man up tell the whole  family what she did with my water MeterBut Jamey and I knows Carol never will tell anyone. 

Friday-It my 50th Birthday. I wrote Christy a 2 page letter to tell her I'm sorry. But she will never read it. Because I told her that someone in the family think Carol need to say sorry to me. 


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  1. Hi Deborah,

    I am sorry you are still having problems with your sister. It's too bad but unfortunately that happens in families. My sister and I used to have problems but we're too old to worry about it.

    I hope I wished you a Happy Birthday on Facebook but if I didn't, I am wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday right now. I haven't been online that much lately so I may have missed it.

    You take care and I hope things all work out.