Friday, October 2, 2015

My week 9/26 to 10/2

Saturday-I wash my whites, my towels. I paid my car Insurance online. I call Capitalone first before I paid the Insurance.

Sunday-I found out on National Inclusion Project Facebook wall that Jerry Aiken is retiring from National Inclusion Project. Clay friend Nick Leisey is taking Jerry job. I will miss Jerry handwritten Thank you cards. When I donate in April.

Monday-I found out we are not ordering out in October. We will order on the Friday before Thanksgiving  in November. I pay my Town bills. 

Tuesday-I did the samething as I did last week at Wal-Mart. To see someone will take my credit card number, like last week.
Wednesday-I told my sister off on the phone. Because I'm sick of her order me around and getting me in trouble in Town. So I'm piss off tonight. Wish someone would sit her down and talk to her. Or someone need to tape her when she is getting mad at someone. 

Thursday-I went Paoli Office Supply to get 100 10in x13in Envelopes in a box. Jamey came to talk to me about what happen Yesterday with my sister. I told Jamey I have ask for help with my sister but no one will help. I told Jamey my parents should stop to this 23 year ago, but they didn't. That why I'm getting bully by my sister. I'm tried and weak from Crying tonight.

Friday-I almost didn't go back to the workshop to get my paycheck. It was cold and Windy all day. I wonder if Jamey talk to my sister yet. 


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  1. Hi Deborah,

    Laundry and bill paying aren't my favourite pastimes. On Wednesday, I'll be busy paying bills.

    I hope Nick will continue writing the personal notes that Jerry did. You sure deserve them.

    I am sorry you are having problems with your sister. Bullying anyone is terrible but especially your sister.

    Take care,