Friday, November 13, 2015

My week 10/31 to 11/6

Saturday-It Halloween. I was thinking I had a computer for 17 years. I pack 6 brown envelopes with friendship book.

Sundsay-Mike  came to blow leaves off of my patio. Mike use my 18" Mulching Mower too. So we didn't have to bag the leaves. 

MondayMy Doctor give me some new meds Today. I didn't take meds Tonight. I mail 7 brown envelopes.

Tuesday-It Jamey Birthday 42. I took the new meds. The side effects are bad.

Wednesday-I will not be able to take the new meds. I have the effects Today too. I wondering why. It took me 24 hours to feel good again.

Thursday-My Doctor nurse call. I got 2 load of laundry done by 11AM. I have to cut 5 thing out of Paoli newspaper for Livia. 

Friday-Stori wasn't home when I took the kids Halloween candy to the hous. I got told my hours will be cut to 1 day at my main job. I took my new meds again and I was sick again. 


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  1. Hi Deborah,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with the new medication. Sometimes it is worse than the trouble you're having. I went through that Aug/Sept and had a little go around with my doctor about it.

    You made me think back to when I got my first computer in 1990. It didn't even have a hard drive, just a disk drive. I bought a 40 meg hard drive and had it installed and boy I thought I had loads of storage space. LOL I didn't go online until 1997 after I got a much better computer.

    I am also sorry to hear about your hours being cut. A bad time for that.

    Take care,