Friday, November 27, 2015

My week 11/21 to 11/ 27

Saturday-I got 22 pen pal letters done. I start getting sick,couldn't  eat lunch until 1PM. Because I was that sick. I was on the couch for about 2 hours.

Sunday-I pack 6 brown envelopes with friendship books. I didn't clean the trailer. Because of Yesterday. 

Monday-Carol having Thanksgiving on Friday. I only have to pay $87.05 for Gas and Electric bills. I will pay them on Wednesday. 

Tuesday-I got Power Floss Today in the mail. I think I will get the book I been reading done this weekend. 

Wednesday-Today was the last week I been working at my main job all week. Starting next week. I will only work there only on Tuesdays. 

Thursday-Thanksgiving Day. I did my laundry I had it done and hanging up in the trailer by 10AM. I wrote new pen pal letters. 

Friday-Went out to Carol at 11:30AM. We had Thanksgiving Today. I'm not getting my mail Today, because it start raining before I got home. Carol give my some of the leftover food to take home.


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  1. Hi Deborah,

    Wow 22 pen pal letters. I have trouble doing one letter that I need to do. Sorry you had a rough Saturday.

    I'm glad you got that worked out for gas and electric bills because that is a major expense. The stupid government in Ontario had a 10% discount for clean energy and are discontinuing that as of January.

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and it was nice of Carol to give you some leftovers. That's one of my favourite parts of the holidays.

    Take care,