Friday, August 19, 2016

My week 8/13 to 8/19

Saturday-I cut weeds, I use roundup to kill the weeds. I walk to the mailbox unlock it there wasn't any mail in it. I put all my laundry away.

Sunday-I vacuum my living room. I think I will read all day after lunch. There a fire 7 miles from my cousin Karen in Milwaukee Wisconsin
Monday-I only pace I needed to go was Walmart. Next week I was be busy after work.
 Tuesday-A person will retire from work soon. My friend will have pet Scan on Thursday. I post on Michael facebook wall, to see the baby was ready to came out. The baby isn't ready yet.
Wednesday-Trisanna and Michael went to Bedford, Indiana Hospital at 9PM. I wait for a call or text about a baby until  11:44PM no call or text. 
 Thursday-It been 11 years since I saw Clay Aiken in concert for the first time. Trisanna had a baby boy at 7:17AM. He was 8lb 3oz 21inch. It Michael took until 9PM to put pictures of Malcolm Thayer Charles.

 Friday-I show everyone Malcolm Thayer Charles pictures at work. Stori 2 more pictures of Malcolm Thayer Charles. 


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