Friday, March 17, 2017

My week 3/11 to 3/17

SATURDAY-I freezen my co-worker/friend strawberry. A lady PM me to tell me she send friendship books Today. 

SUNDAY-My newspaper was at my front door. Indiana College basketball go to NIT.They will play play on Tuesday at 9PM. 
MONDAY-It snow shower at 1PM. It only on the grass. My ramp is not cover but it Ice on it. I didn't get my mail Today.  
TUESDAY-I had 6 loads of laundry at work. The rags didn't want to dry. I came home at 11:30AM. I may start staying until 1PM next week. I received friendship books Yesterday. Because I didn't go to the mailbox .
WEDNESDAY-It Mom 83 Birthday Today.   I post it on Facebook . I tag Stori, Jamey, Michael, Christopher, Matthew, Cindy and Karen.
THURSDAY-I went to Walmart at 8:30AM. After I put my stuff from Walmart away. I went to Kemple's Quick Lube. I didn't stay. I wait for about 5 mins, no one open the garage door. I went home. I got a text from Stori. Malcolm was up. So I went out there. Coach Crean got Fire. 
FRIDAY-I was able to go to the bank after 10am. Then went to Kemple's Quick Lube to get the  2 ties.

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