Friday, March 10, 2017

My week 3/4 to 3/10

SATURDAY-My co-worker/ friend went home Yesterday afternoon around 5PM. I post on Stori facebook page about the starwberriers to see if they be in on time. Stori never answer. 
 SUNDAY-Livia came with the starwberriers. Parker and Owen was with her.Parker hug me bye. 
MONDAY-I wake up at 3:50AM I was dizz. I took a Aleve. AT 5:45AM I took my morning pill then at 7AM I took Chewable Vitamin C.

TUESDAY-I took Aleve when I went to bed last night. It rain all morning . I feel ing better Today. 
WEDNESDAY-Stori call, her , Owen and Zoey was going to Wendy's for lunch. Parker was at home sick. I learn how to make crazy pictures on Snapchat
 THURSDAY-My friend Rhonda came before 12PM. She want the picture printer. We talk for about 25 mins. I haven't received any friendship books this week.
 FRIDAYI was able to watch BoldTV with Clay Aiken online. Because I got home before 10AM. I received the pictures from Shutterfly.


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