Friday, March 31, 2017

My week 3/25 to 3/31

SATURDAY-Schwan's came after 2:30PM. I got my towels and bed sheets wash. Dad didn't go to Lyzah Birthday party. Malcolm didn't feel good. I got home after 7PM. I thought Hallmark had a new movie on NO.

 SUNDAY-I sleep in until 8:30AM. Because I wake up at 2:20AM. Couldn't fall back to sleep until 4AM. 
 MONDAY-I received my car Insurance bill. I have to have it paid by April 29. I will pay half on the 20th then pay the other in 2 months. 
TUESDAY-Work was good. I received Cheryl's Cookies magazine Today. I can order Sophia and Harper Easter cookies. Christy dog have Cancer . It will not take long for Sadie to get bad. 
WEDNESDAY-I had to make a doctor appointment, so I get refill on Levothyroxine. I will see my doctor on Monday at 2:20PM. I need a blood test first.

  THURSDAY-I got my laundry done and away by 10:30AM. I went out to Stori's. She told me all 3 boys Chad, Ian and Owen getting full sizw bed and they own rooms. 
 FRIDAY-Shirley Jones Birthday is Today. I have $53.00 in my NATIONAL INCLUSION PROJECT jar. Ordering out went good


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