Friday, April 7, 2017

My week 4/1 to 4/7

SATURDAY-I didn't have to clean the kitchen sink. I did it last night. I clean my bedroom, wash 2 hoodies. It was 42 when I was got up for the day. 
 SUNDAY-I didn't do anything. But had a crazy dream with Don Diamont with his wife and his son Zander.

MONDAY-My doctor didn't have me get a blood test. He is  moving. I ask him who would be best doctor for me. He told me the new doctor. My doctor last day is June 5. My doctor been in Paoli for 17 years.
 TUESDAY-I had 6 load of laundry at work. The Internet was dead by 1:30PM. It took 5:30 until it was back up. 
WEDNESDAY-Barry Manilow on the cover of PEOPLE. He come out, he talk about hid married  and keeping being gay from his fan's. 
THURSDAY-It didn't rain until after 10PM last night. Yesterday I post in Clayversity about being in a Tornado Watch. No one hug me or said be safe. But another person post an hour later in Clayversity about being in a tornado watch in her town.She got alot of hugs and I didn't get anything. If I dead the ladys wouldn't care on the board. Don Rickles had dead Today. I received my Cheryl's cookies. 
FRIDAYI saw last night NewWave put me on automatically and bill me on 4/4. I call the lady didn't understand how I got on it without me saying yes. 

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