Friday, May 12, 2017

My week 5/6 to 5/12

SATURDAY-I got Thursday and Friday mail at 6PM last night. I wake up at 7:17AM and it was raining. I had to use DW-40 to open my mail box. I will go out to the mail box Tomorrow to see if I can unlock the mail box. The power didn't go out Today.
 SUNDAY-My mail box key is working ok. The party for Nedra Sullivan life was Today. They plant a dogwood.

 MONDAY-There wasn't load of laundry for me to do at work. So I went to the Post Office then went to Walmart then came home put stuff away. Then went to Star to get fliters for my furnace, was home at 10AM. 
TUESDAY-I had only 5 load of laundry at work. I got done at 10:30AM. Dad came with a check for the guy who will do my roof.
WEDNESDAY-The guys came to do my roof after 4:30PM yesterday. The place  I work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday the dryer don't work good. Christopher want to learn sign Language. I found a place in Fort Wayne, IN for Christopher. He can hear he is not deaf.
THURSDAY-My printer not working with the black ink. It never been use. So I will order another black ink on Tuesday.  
 FRIDAY-I talk to a lady at work about my printer. She ok  with on the order out day list. I had to go back to get my paycheck.

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