Sunday, January 24, 2010

1/17 to 1/23

Sunday- I start a new Thread in Clay Aiken Message Board. The Title is Think if this I mean Think of this. I told everyone if they don't renew just because Clay don't come in the Fan Club that much. I wrote this: Think of this Clay is a dad now. His son need to be 1st in Clay life, Not his fans. If Clay put his fan's 1st. I think have a problem. I vac bedroom and the livingroom. I dust my livingroom and computer room. I wish I knew how to Clean the keyboard from dust.

Monday-I post on Carol's facebook page. I ask Carol if she got my 2 TXT about the Ottoman. It's Martin Luther King JR. Day. It was fog outside until 12PM.

Tuesday-I was thinking of Barry Manilow new CD. It will be out in a week. Stori took 22 pictures of Chad, Ian and me. Stori put them in my facebook photo page. I had Sue Reuterskiold move the pictures to Clay Aiken Fan Club. Stori ask me if I want to go Subway for Dinner. We sit down I had a Diet Coke without a cover. Chad got his hands on my cup and coke went on the table, my lap, Chad lap and floor. I was wet for 2 hours.Parker found my $20.00 in our chair. I got the $20.00 back from Parker. Then Parker try to get the $20.00 out of my pocket. He got half of a $10.00 out of my pocket. I had to tape the $10.00 together after I got home. Clay Aiken blog at his fan club. He have more news in days about his CD.

Wednesday-I couldn't fall to sleep until 12AM. Clay Aiken CD On My Way Here poster fall down two times before I went to work. I had 8 load of laundry. It rain off and on all day. I got my W-2 form. i will start doing my taxes Tomorrow afternoon. I told Molly that I don't $50.00 to hers Polar Plunge page.

Thursday-I start working on my taxes papers Today. I got my laundry done for the week I need to put the laundry away by Sat Night. Indiana Basketball team won Tonight.

Friday-I mail Matthew Birthday Card. I post on Christopher facebook to tell me when Matthew get the card. Because Matthew never thank me for his cards. I got my taxes done Tonight.

Saturday-I order Michael Jackson This Is It DVD this morning. I received my Electric bill. I'm hoping to pay my gas and electric bills on Monday. If it don't snow that much. I thought Indiana College basketball team was playing Tonight, but I was wrong. They play on Sunday at 6pm. I donate $25.00 to National Inclusion Projcet on facebook. I haven't feel good since Yesterday. I couldn't eat dinner.

Bye Until Next Sunday


  1. My gosh what a wet mess!!! LOL!!! and Parker sounds like soooo much fun!!! :D sounds like a good week - blogs, diet coke, torn money and all (although I could personally do without the electric bill *hee hee*)

  2. Deborah, sounds like you had a busy week. I definitely am LOL at the spilled coke and torn money. It reminds me of when Dakota, the scarlet macaw I use as an icon, tipped a bowl of water on me at a show and I had to sit in wet clothes for a couple of hours. Yep, it sure was a wet mess and very uncomfortable!

    Looking forward to seeing your blog next week and please don't forget to remind me! Have a great week. Carole :)

  3. I don't know why this isn't posting as it should so this is just a test. I am still LOL about the diet coke and the money!