Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week of 1/24 to 1/30

Sunday-I wish I could get on a airplane. Then I would fly to Raleigh, NC on March 12 to watch Clay Aiken taping a show for PBS I think. It rain off and on all day, the high was 54. Tomorrow winter will be back we are getting snow. I clean part of the computer room. Iowa win the basketball game over Indiana.

Monday-work have a job from Jasper Rubber. But the job is about 4 months. I received my Aveune and Verizon bills. I talk to Mary. She can't do the rubber job. Because she couldn't get it done in 3 sec.

Tuesday-Everything was cover with snow. All schools in Orange County was closed. First Chance Center was open but NO vans. I got to work ok. I was driving 15-20 miles on the roads. Crane cleaning crew didn't go Today. So will not have 8 or 9 load of laundry Tomorrow, only about 4 load of laundry. I'm thinking about going to Wal-Mart Tomorrow for the week, because I maybe snow in on Saturday. Barry Manilow new CD is out Today. Michael Jackson DVD "This Is It" is out Today too. Christy told me that Mastthew is moving back to Fort Wayne, IN from Scttsdale, AZ. Dr. McCormack Bloomington office call again. He will not be in his Bedfored office in February too.

Wednesday-I got done at 8:45 AM at work. Because I only had 4 loads of laundry.  I went to Wal- Mart for the week. So if I'm snow in on Saturday, I will have food. I will get Barry Manilow new CD on Friday. I had to call Barnes and Noble about Michael Jackson DVD. They don't have it yet to ship out.

Thursday-We didn't get any snow last night. I took Patty, Molly and Donna. I pass out notes for order out day Tomorrow. Stori wrote hers blog Yesterday. She wrote that Chad had learned how to "pee-pee on the potty" she totally following his lead on this. He still goes in his diaper. Livia will be having her Adenoids tonsils removed on February 16. Here is Stori blog web site: The weather said we will get the snow after 6pm Tomorrow.

Friday-The order out day went ok. My friend Sandy sugar went down to 28. They got it up to 72. I kept on eye on Sandy until I went home at 1PM. I received Barry Manilow New CD "The Greatest Love Songs Of All Time" I'm going to ask a questionin Clay Aiken Fan Club, Facebook and Twitterto see if anyone know when this was written. I check Clay Aiken Fan Club. A person answer my question. But she didn't just put 1898. But she put everything down so no one could look it up for they self. I hate that. That why I don't read any of this person thread in the fan club.

Saturday-I check Clay fan club at 1:30AM about my question. I posted I didn't want everything about the song. I just want the year. I had trouble with my phone line at 2:20AM. I went to bed at 3:30AM. I got up for the dayat 8:30AM. We got snow but it wasn't that much. I'm not snow in. I talk to Mary on facebook chat. I told her Amanda post on my page., that Crane laundry was at FCCI for me to do on Monday. So I will be there for lunch. I renew my membership at Barry Manilow Fan Club. My sister delete me as her friend on facebook. She is acting like what other told me.

Until next Sunday Morning

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