Sunday, January 17, 2010

week of 1/10 to 1/16

Sunday-I went up to the KY newspaper box at 10AM. Clean the bathroom. The Sun come out Today. So more blacktop showing. We may get a light snow Monday night into Tuesday Morning.

Monday-I drove out of trailer parking lot wrong to get to work. I was on Ice too as I was pulling out. I had only 3 load of laundry Today. I start working at 6:15AM and got done at 8:15AM. I got a E-mail Christy. She need to talk to Tom about my front tooth. But she will not. I send a message to Christopher on facebook about Matthew B-day and why I can see Matthew posts but we are not Friends yet.

Tuesday-We had light snow last night. I went to my mailbox to get the Paoli Newspaper but the paper wasn't in the mailbox. So I called the paper office. The lady told me the paper will come out on Thursdays. The snow is melting.

Wednesday-It was 12 outside at 5AM. I only had 8 load of laundry. I will be able to drive out of the trailer parking lot the right way Tomorrow.

Thursday-received a large backpack from Vera Bradley. Clay Aiken new CD will be 50's to 60's songs. The snow from last week is almost gone.

Friday-My left ear was in pain all morning. Everyone love my large backpack at work I have 236 pages to go in Hollywood Kids. I clean the kitchen tonight as I watch the movie The Lake House.

Saturday-I went to Wal-Mart with a gift card. I got Michael Jackson "This Is It" CD. I txt Carol from my cell phone at 7:30AM about the ottoman. Then I txt Carol from my Yahoo E-mail home page at 10:40AM. Carol never got back with me about the Ottoman. I got my gas bill for the trailer. I got my renewal paper for my car license.

Bye Until Next Sunday Morning


  1. I hope your ear is feeling better and that you enjoy the Michael Jackson CD!! Here's hoping for an EARLY spring this year :D

  2. Hi Deborah ... I also hope your ear is feeling better. I saw "This Is It" when it was at theatres but want to buy the DVD to keep as a memoire. Looking forward to your next blog.