Sunday, February 7, 2010

week of 1/31 to 2/6

Sunday-The last day of January is Today. I ask a moderator to delete the thread I made in Clay Aiken Fan Club. I check on Michael Jackson DVD on Barnes and Noble, they ship it out on Jan 29. I will received the DVD Tomorrow. I took my trash out at 10:15AM. I park my car the right way Today. The weather man said we will have a snow storm on Friday. I didn't clean this weekend. I turn on Channel 11 at 10:30AM and the sound was bad. I call Avenue about channel 11. I kept my bedroom TV on. At 4:15PM the sound on channel 11 come on better. So I call Avenue back to tell them the sound was on, and tell them it happen 1 time a month Sundays.

Monday-I had 27 mops Today. Crane gave me all they laundry from last week. So I shouldn't have about 7 to 8 loads on Wednesday. I received Michael Jackson DVD "This Is It". Amanda told me that something have to be going on at Dr. McCormack office in Beford. Only one lady is doing everything.

Tuesday-I only had 3 loads of laundry. I went to Bureau of Motor Vehicles for my license plate. I found out we can't have cover on the plates anymore. But I think I will keep my Clay Aiken cover on until I get my new plate. in the mail. Because the Bureau gave me a cardboard plate. Until I get my new in a week. If I don't get my new plate before 3/4/10. I have to go back to the bureau.

Wednesday-I only had 6 load of laundry. Mary had hers eye Surgery. Mary was home by 11AM. John talk about Dad to me. Because Bill and John had lunch with Dad Yesterday. After I got done working. I called Mary and we talk for about 15 mins. Sandy didn't act right at lunch.

Thursday-I went to Wal-Mart for the week. So if I'm snow in on Saturday I have food. Clay Aiken Fan Club change my renew from 2/27 to 4/1. I talk to Mary Before she went to hers eye doctor. I told Mary to E-mail me hers order for Subway.

Friday-It Tom Birthday Today. It may not be fun at First Chance Center after Today. It rain from 10:30PM last night until 4:15PM Today. Then it start snow shower. I got Mary and my Subway order at 11:13AM. I took our Subway order to FCCI and had lunch with Mary. I call Mary Tonight. She told me, Tom have to move hers job in another room.

Saturday-We got about 3" of snow. I went out to clean the sidewalks at 8:15AM. I try to open my car door and couldn't. I had to pull on the car door until the car door open. The snow start melting by 11:30AM. Dad come and clean off my car. He didn't have to do it. Put laundry away. Vac my bedroom and living room. Weather man said 3-6" of snow by Tuesday morning. NO one received the Louisville newspaper Today.

By until Next Sunday Morning.

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