Sunday, February 14, 2010

The week of 2/7 to 2/13

Sunday-I put Livia, Parker, Chad and Ian Valentine cards in the out going mailbox. I got Yesterday Newspaper Today in my paperbox.. The high for the day was 54. I been forgetting to write in here. That Christy send me a Valentine card. I received the card on Friday. I clean half of the bathroom. The Colts didn't win the Super Bowl.

Monday-John told me that he meeted Stori, Jamey, Livia, Parker, Chad and Ian Friday Night. I gas my car up Today. I'm waiting on the snow storm. We could get 3to 6" of snow. Clay Aiken haven't told us about the news yet.

Tuesday-It snow last night. There was 3" on the ground . I call Mary she haven't been outside. I call Mary back at 6:05 AM Mary couldn't find hers glasses. I call Mary at 11:45AM. She got to work. I clean off the car at 7:51AM by 8:15AM the car was cover again with snow. By 3:00PM I clean the sidewalk for the 3rd time.

Wednesday-I didn't go in to work, but I feel bad about it. I clean the sidewalk. I talk to Dad about taking me on Monday to work. I talk to Mary. I call Dad back and ask him if he would take me to work Tomorrow. When I was talking to Stori. I ask her if she got my message about cleaning off my ramp for $20.00.

Thursday-Dad got me to work by 6:15AM. I got done at 9:05AM. There was alot of cars at First Chance Center. Parker come to clean off my ramp. After Parker got done. He had about 6 Double stuf Oreo cookies. Parker hop we will get 6" more of snow by Tuesday. So he can clean off my ramp again. So I will pay him $20.00 again.

Friday-First Chance Center was open for the 1st time since Monday. We got in trouble for last Friday. I don't understand how we didn't get in trouble with only one stuff in the breakroom. But with 4 stuff we get in trouble. I went to Wal-Mart for the week. I got 3 get well cards for Livia.

Saturday-It snow some this morning. I clean the Kitchen. The Sun come out. I got one of Livia get well card in the out going mailbox Today. I made a thread at Clay Aiken Fan Club for prayers for Livia. Because she getting hers Adenoids and tonsils removed on Tuesday.

Bye for now
Until Next Sunday Morning

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