Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week of 2/14 to 2/20

Sunday-It Valeintine's Day. I got a feeling about Clay Aiken One-night only Concert at Memorial Auditorum in Raleigh, NC. I think he will not go on tour is Summer. Since before his son was born. I been getting feeling about Clay. When he have news and know what the news is. Before he blog about it in the Fan Club. I call Mom to tell her to tell Dad I will need him to take me to workTomorrow.

Monday-Dad was here at 5:53AM I start working at 6AM. Carol TXT me at 6:59AM to tell me to call her. when I'm done. I call her to tell her I will be done by 1PM. A lady give me 3 new T-shirt with Janitorial crew on them. I call Carol at 12PM to tell I would be done working at 1:10PM Amanda told me that I didn't have to work Tomorrow because the night crew can't work Tonight. Michael call to see if I was at work. I told him I was. Michael told me he was in the parking lot. I told him I will be out there in 5 mins. He clean my sidewalk for me again. Because I clean the sidewalk at 5:20AM.

Tuesday-It feel funny staying home Today. No one can be on the roads until 7AM. work wasn't open until 9AM. Livia had hers adenords and Tonsils removed in Jasper Hospital. My DVD player will not work. The door of the DVD will not open.

Wednesday-I drove myself to work. It feel like Thursday. Because I did Crane laundry on Monday and had Yesterday off. Dad told me that Christy is home Tomorrow night.

Thursday-I was feeling great until Carol call. She said Dad was going to do the lunch. But told me she have more right then Dad. I'm sick of Carol telling peoples they have no right to do dinner or lunch. Because she have more right to do it. She do it to our parents 24/7. no one will tell her off but me. I have 159 pages to go in Hollywood Kids by Jackie Collins.

Friday-I order Parker Christmas gift on Wednesday night. I'm sick of my family lie to me, and sick of peoples at work about me. . I ate one pint of Ben and Jerry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream because of Today. Christy call to see if she could come to my trailer. I told her NO. Because I don't her to walk in then 2 mins walk out I'm sick of it. She never stay around me long. Because Christy have to listen to the Town Bitch. On how long she can stay around me. Christy to me that herself.

Saturday-I was thinking thing will go down on Fridays now on. There wasn't no rain and Ice this Morning. After 7PM my DVD start working again. But the Michael Jackson DVD will not play. I will take the Michael Jackson DVD out to Stori's to see if his DVD will play at Stori's I was thinking Chad and Ian been in Paoli for 3 months now. The temp for the day was about 50. There are 22 days before Spring. The Tuhursday newspaper said we had 7 to 9" of snow on Monday (2/15).

Bye until next Sunday Morning

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  1. I'm sorry you're having such issues with your family - hope evertyhing works out. I'm glad to hear Livia did fine with her surgery! I hope she's feeling lots better. It's hard to believe Chad & Ian have been home for 3 months! My gosh time goes fast!

    Here's hoping for an early spring and an end to the snow. It's been very nice here for the past several days and I hope it's coming your way.