Sunday, February 28, 2010

The weekof 2/21 to 2/27

Sunday-I called Barnes and Noble about the Michael Jackson DVD. They will ship a new one out Tomorrow. Mary and I was talking. Yesterday was the First time I didn't have to wear my snow boots.

Monday-It's Livia 10 Birthday. Call Stori about having Ice Cream Cake at 6:30 for Livia Birthday. I recevied Parker Christmas gift.

Tuesday-I was thinking of Michael. Because he had to do something Today. 

Wednesday-I start working at 5:50AM. I done working at 12:45PM.

ThursdayWork had snow route. So I went to see if we was ordering out Tomorrow. I pass out notes at 8:30AM. I call my friend Sandy about Tomorrow. The snow was gone by 10:30AM.

Friday-My DVD player is not working again. If I put a DVD it will not play. It just go White or green. Then it take me 30 to 1 hour before the DVD can come out. It a VCR and DVD player.But I can use the VCR part. I need Jamey to look at it.

Saturday-I received my license plate for my car Yesterday. Carol call about having a dinner for Michael 30th Birthday for Tomorrow. His Birthday is on Monday.

Until Next Sunday

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