Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week of 2/28 to 3/6

Sunday-The last day of February. I don't think I will get any help with my DVD VCR player. I don't think I will see my Christmas gift from Carol. Because she is using it. I guess I have to go buy a Ottoman myself. It show me Carol don't care ab out anyone but herself.

Monday-Michael is 30 Today. I feel very old Today. I paid my Town bills. I don't like the parking lot at the bank. I put 2 work T-Shirts in the trash Tonight.

Tuesday-I call The Look for a hair cut. I will get my hair cut on Thursday at 11 AM. I have all my bills paid for the month.

Wednesday-A guy pee on the floor of the mens bathroom at work. My Cell Phone battery went crazy Today.

Thursday-I call Stori about my Cell Phone. She told me to go out to her house at 3:20 to 3:30 so I see if the Michael Jackson DVD's work in hers DVD player and they did. I got there Jamey pull in. I talk to Jamey about my VCR DVD player. Jamey think I need a new new one. Parker told me he didn't like my hair or my face. I told Parker his Birthday money went down the toilet. He told me I will forget what he said. I told Parker I write everything in my Journal. Then Parker said he love my hair and my face.

Friday-I think I need a new battery for my Cell phone. But I got a new battery in Nov. Mary and I went to Bob's for lunch. Then I took Mary to hers bank. Then I went to Wal-Mart for the week. Cindy E-mail me at facebook. They will be here on the 5th until 7th. I send a message to Karen on Facebook about coming with Cindy. Clay Aiken Fan Club change my renew date again.

Saturday-I my towels and bed sheets. Put other sheets on my bed. Clean my bedroom up. Karen wrote back she will be here on the 3rd of April. I told Karen to call my mom because mom think everyone is coming on the 6th.

Until next Sunday


  1. Sounds like another busy week! How old is Parker?

  2. More busy days! Kids sure do say the darndest things but they know how to smoothe them over quickly. :) Have a great week!