Sunday, March 14, 2010

week of March 7 to March 13

Sunday-It took me an hour and 30 mins to get a DVD out of the player last night. I wonder what Dad think if I told him why Stori and Jamey have to do everything for me. There could be 4 persons in trouble with Dad. Livia call to thank me for the money I gave her for her Birthday. She got stuff from All-American Girl. Stori show Livia when Stori and I saw Clay Aiken at on December 22, 2007. The DVD player working but lock up after the movie is playing.

Monday-I talk to the lady I work for about start working at 5:45AM on April 5th and 6 th. I went to Radio Sack about my Cell Phone. When I get a new Cell Phone Stori have to be with me. Mary call we talk about stuff on facebook. Mary ask if I had wrote when I got the cell phone in my journal I look. I got the cell phone on April 21,2008. Karen E-mail to tell me that she will not here on April 3.

Tuesday-Danny help me get the laundry from a van. Because the ladys didn't put the laundry in the building last night. I order Clay Aiken new CD "Tried And Ture (CD/DVD ) (Deluxe Edition)" from Amazon. The CD/DVD will be out on June 1.

Wednesday-Its Ian First Birthday. Danny had to help me open a crane laundry bag . I found out 2 persons was fire from work on last Friday and Monday.

Thursday-I wrote to Jennifer Furey from Montpelier VT. Jennifer ask me to be pen pals. She wrote me on facebook. Mary went to work. Mary can go back to work full-time .

Friday-First Chance Center is having a dance at the Senior Citizens building at 9AM on a Saturday. I think it crazy about the dance. Karen post on facebook She will be coming down on April 3 in the afternoon.

Saturday-I clean part of the kitchen. Stori call about going out to the for Iand Birthday lunch and cake. Then Stori ask if I would house sit from 20 to 25. Because it Spring Break for Livia and Parker. The town fix a street light in the trailer park Yesterday. The light is white and I thought someone car headlights was on Tonight. But it was the street light.

Until next Sunday.


  1. Oh my, it's hard to believe that Ian's first birthday has come and gone. I know what you mean about the street light. When they burn out, you kind of get used to it being dark. Then they replace them and you feel like you are under a spotlight! LOL