Sunday, March 21, 2010

week of 3/14 to 3/20

Sunday-I mop the kitchen floor. Mom call. Dad is not going to Stori's, because his back is bad. Mom told me he is having back surgery. Before Easter or after. So Mom is picking me up to go out to Stori's. I ask Parker when he got his hair cut. He told me Today. I ask Stori who cut Parker hair. Stori told me he got it cut at The Look on Wednesday. I told Parker he lost his Birthday money again. Livia couldn't wait to cut into the Chocolate cake. I told Livia it wasn't hers day. Livia told me it was her house and she can kick me out. I may not have a computer the week of 20 to 25 at Stori's.

Monday-It's Mom 76 Birthday. I don't understand how worker can go into the break room drink they drinks without being on break. I got 2 new pollows for my bed. Dr. McCormack will not be in Bedford on 3/23. Stori told me I may be using Jamey Laptop next week. Stori told me they will go on Vacation on Friday night. So I will start sleeping at Stori's Friday night. I put my Courier-Journal Newspaper on holded for a week from 3/19 to 3/26. If I don't have a computer next week I will catch up on my pen pal and reading.

Tuesday-I guess Stori , Jamey and the kids are not going anywhere this Summer. Because I ask Stori to E-mail dates if I have to house sit this Summer and she didn't.
Wednesday-It's St. Patirck's Day. Amanda mom went to Wal-Mart Yesterday for Amanda. I put stuff away for Amanda. I had Donna make notes for order out day next Friday. I start packing for Stori.

Thursday-I start not feeling. I think it my Sinus. Did my laundry. Put part of the Laundry away. Clean some of the Kitchen up.

Friday-Went to Wal-Mart after work. I call Stori to see if she need anything. She said no. But Jamey parents are going with Jamey and Stori. Jamey mom want me to feed they cat and water hers flower. I will not have a computer at Stori's. I will have to go to my trailer to check my Yahoo e-mail.

Saturday-Went to my tailer at 8:28AM. Got to Jamey parents house at 9:40AM. My sinus is not good. I haven't feel good because of my sinus. I sleeped almost all day.

I walking out to Stori in about 25 mins
Until next Sunday

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  1. Glad your housesitting duties without your computer are over. Very hard to be away from the computer when you don't know what might come up while you're away.

    I hope your sinus problem is clearing up because that can be very miserable to have.

    Take care and have a wonderful week!