Sunday, March 28, 2010

week of 3/21 to 3/27

Sunday-I went to my trailer at 6:30AM to write my weekly blog. I clean out my Yahoo E-mail. Went to Wal-Mart to get stuff for Stori's. There is no restrooms by the front door anymore.

Monday-I didn't make it to my trailer Today. Nina was at Jamey's parents house cleaning it when I got there. Nina ask me why I go to work at 5:20AM. I told Nina they open the doors at 5:30AM. I told Nina Toby will be lock up in the laundry room on Wednesday.

Tuesday-I made it to my trailer to get on the Internet Today. Mom called and said Carol told Mom Stori and Jamey was coming Home Tomorrow. I told Mom NO Because I haven't heard from Stori. Mom said I was wrong. So TXT Stori I told her that her mom said they was coming home Wednesday night? I waited for 5 mins then I call Stori got hers Voice mail I told her to call me Tonight. Then I TXT Jamey I told him this: I TXT and call Stori about this: Carol told my mom that you be home Wednesday night it right. Then Stori called and to tell me they will be home on Thursday. I call mom back and told her not to believe in anything Carol Say.

Wednesday-I lock Toby in the laundry room at 5:10AM. Nina will let Toby out at 8:30Am as she clean Stori house. I got back to Stori at 2:30PM.

Thursday-I got done working at 8:15AM. I start packing to move back to my trailer. Went to my trailer at 11:15AM to put my stuff in my trailer. Went to work to pass out notes for Tomorrow. I hit Lori coke with my arm, the coke went on the floor. I help clean the coke up. I gave Lori $.50 for another coke. Then I went back to Stori's for lunch. My cell phone went crazy. It would have 2 bars on it, so I would change it up. When it was done I turn it on and have 1 bar. Stori TXT me and said they be home at 4PM. I TXT back and said I would go home go at 3. Jamey Mom and Dad come to get they opener from me. Jamey mom gave me a $40.00 check. I wasn't going to keep it. But then I thought I woul put it in my National Inclusion Project jar. Then my cell phone went white. So I went to Radio Shack at 2:10PM. The guy took the batttery out for 5 to 10 sec. Then I only had 1 bar. Then I got another battery and a changer for the car. It raining bad with wind. The power went out at 10:30PM. I call and wake her up. Then she call back 10 mins later to tell me that part of Orleans was out too.

Friday-The power come back on at 12:05AM. Mary call we talk for 44 mins. I went back on the Internet. At 1AM the power went out again. I call Mary and wake her up again. I sleeped for about 2 hours. I wake up at 5:06AM and power yet. . We have to go to work. We can't order at Pizza Hut. The staff order pizza from Chicago Pizza in French Lick.. The power is not on yet at 12:30PM. I went to Town Of Paoli office to see when the power going to be on again. The lady said 4 to 5:30PM. So I went to my parents to tell them what time the power will be on. Michael was there I told him I had a job for Parker and him. I told him I would pay $100.00 I didn't want to stay at my trailer. So I call Stori about stuff I had for her, I went out there I come home at 4:30PM and had power. But my VRC and DVD player is dead. But some of my TV channels have NO sound because of my player.

Saturday-I went to Wal-Mart for the Month.  I try to Clean the Living Room up.

Until next Sunday

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  1. Sounds like you had a lot of problems this past week! I sure hope this week is a better one. It's spring now, so you need some spring weather :D

    Have a good one