Sunday, April 4, 2010

week of 3/28 to 4/3

Sunday-I try to pay my phone bill online. But Verizon web site wasn't working. Christy send me a Easter card with $25.00. Karen and I talk on facebook. Karen got a log cabin by the lake in French Lick for 3 days I think. In 1 week I will donate about $780.00 to National Inclusion Project.

Monday-Mary TXT me last nigh she didn't have power.I paid my town and gas bills. I paid my phone bill onlie Today. The sewer is coming out of the ground since Friday. I only saw it Today. Someone will fix Tomorrow.

Tuesday- Stori ask me if I want to go to South Dakota in a RV. I said yes I would for a week. Stori said no. They are going for 2 weeks. I said no to going. Dr. McCormack office call again. Dr. McCormack will not be in Beford in April. So I made the appointment for May 18.

Wednesday-I was talking toThe head guy at work Told him about Stori going to South Dakota for 2 weeks. he ask why I'm not going. I told him I didn't think he would let me off for 2 weeks. he said he would let me off. Because I don't miss work that much. But I need to talk to my staff about it. I did and she said ok. Then I called Stori at 9:30AM. I told Stori if Jamey get a RV for the trip to South Dakota I can go.

Thursday-I post in Clay Aiken Fan Club that I have $783.00 to Donate to National Inclusion Project. Mary will work Tomorrow.

Friday-Carol and Stori come with the Ottoman. I got Mary and my lunch from Hardees. I come home Carol and Stori was here. I show Stori my VCR and DVD player. Then I went to work for lunch with Mary. Then we went to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart was a mad-house.

Saturday-Michael and Parker come to put in new edging with Mlch. They was here for about 2 hours. I thanks Michael and Parker for working for me on Facebook. I talk to Karen. They are going to be here at 8AM Monday.

Until next Sunday

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  1. Congrats on your donation to National Inclusion Project and I hope everything works out for South Dakota :D