Sunday, April 11, 2010

week of 4/4 to 4/10/

Sunday-It Easter. Everyone went to Stori's for Easter Dinner Jamey don't have a date for the vacation yet.

Monday-I didn't sleep good last night. I start getting sick at 6:30AM at work. Karen, Brain, Cindy, Mike and the kids got to Paoli at 6:00PM. Jamey went to the NCAA game.

Tuesday-I didn't sleep good again. Crane cleaning crew had they laundry there Today. my staff told me that the crew will have they laundry at work on Mondays night. We had lunch at Stori's. Dad and Mom got KFC for us. Carol took all of us 17 peoples to Chicago Pizza.

Wednesday-I had 3 load of mops. But 8 loads in all.. So I call Stori about going to Wal-Mart for a VCR/DVD player. We got one but I can't tape shows yet. Because my TV don't have a out put. Cindy , Mike and the kids went home Today. Dad, Mom, Carol, Karen, Brain and went out to eat.

Thursday-I wake up at 3:30AM smelling sewer in the trailer. Stori and I went to Wal-Mart to a thing so I can tape with the VCR. Then we went to Bob's for lunch. The sewer was fix by 7PM.

Friday-I told Staff about taking 2 weeks off. She just told me When I know the dates to tell her. I was thinking may start reading Random Acts of Badness by Danny Bonaduce. Because I can't get into Hollwood Kids. But I need write a pen pal letter for about 9 letters.

Saturday-I have to keep the VCR on to watch TV. I know how to tape with the timer. I will start writting pen pal letter Today. I will have to mow my grass Tomorrow because the guy next to me mow Today.

By until next Sunday

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