Sunday, May 30, 2010

week of 5/23 to 5/29

Sunday-I wake up at 3:30AM went on the computer for 30 mins. Went back to bed at 4AM. sleep for 3 hours. I check Stori blog. Livia have hers own blog now. I weeded Today.

Monday- I got my new PJ today for the trip.

Tuesday-. I got my 6 pair of shorts for the trip Today. I had to go over to my parent house to see what I have to do for them this Summer.

Wednesday-They didn't work on Amanda office Today. Mom called they will go on Saturday to Custer, SD for the Summer. I didn't received the Town Bill yet.

Thursday-I didn't received the Town bill yet. I TXT Mary about it. Mary call them. Mary TXT me back and told me that the Post Office lost all the bills. Clay Aiken Fan Club got to ground(Crtl). I should say ground(Crtl) own Clay Aiken Fan Club. I can't get on the new

Friday-I got up at 4AM having bad feeling about Clay Aiken new Web Sit. I couldn't get on the new Fan Club yet. I didn't feel like going to work. I would go out to Stori's to see if I could get the web site up. But I have to go to work. Because we order out Today. When I went out to Stori's. The Fan Club come right up. I come home at 2:00PM could get the Fan Club to come up. But couldn't go everywhere. Went to the gas and Town bills . Went to Wal-Mart. Come home try to get on Clay Fan Club. and got Explorer cannot display the webpage. It took me until 8PM to get to Clay Fan Club to come up. Mary was upset at work Today.

Saturday-Jamey will look into Avenue High speed for me. I mow my grass It took me all day to get Clay Fan Club to come up. I blog at the Fan Club. Dad and Mom went to Custer, SD for the Summer.

Until next Sunday

Sunday, May 23, 2010

week of 5/16 to 5/22

Sunday-I start playing blackjack on Facebook. I got up feeling bad. I drink 5 diet cokes Yesterday that was wrong with me.

Monday-staff told me that they are framing her office up starting Today. I ask staff again if it ok for me to leaves at 12:15PM Tomorrow.

Tuesday- It a month until I go on Vacation Went to Bedford without any trouble. I have to go back in a year.

Wednesday-Mary went to the eye doctor at 9AM. So Mary ride with me to First Chance Center then walk to the eye doctor. I told Angie, Donna and Molly that I have 29 days to go before I go on Vacation. They guys didn't work on Amanda Office Today.

Thursday-I only had 2 loads of laundry Today. I can't play Farkle on Facebook anymore. I update my Adobe Flash and it didn't help When I update the Adobe Flash I couldn't play Farkle 2 and Blackjack.

Friday-I had hard time with Farkle this morning. I got 120 Crayons for Parker and Livia. We had a bad storm for about 2 hours. Christy called ask if they could come over. I said no because she would just walk in then 1 mins walk out. Christy said she wouldn't go to Carol until 3PM Tomorrow. Mary called and we talk for about 2 hours.

Saturday-I found out that Christy lie to me again. She told me she wouldn't see Carol until 3PM. They was together all day. I guess Christy like being a bitch. Because if Christy stay around Carol. People will be calling Christy a bitch too. I don't like persons who lie to me. Tom and I had fun. I show him something on Facebook and Tom look something. Christy didn't talk to me.

Bye Until next Sunday

Sunday, May 16, 2010

week of 5/9 to 5/15

Sunday-It Mother Day. We had a Mother Day and Chad 2nd Birthday party together. Jamey don't know what time we are going on June 18. We are going to stay in South Dakota for 3 to 4 days. I ask Stori if she received my E-mail about Livia Christmas gift.

Monday-I ask Amanda if it ok if I could go home at 12:00PM next Tuesday. So I clean up before Orange Transit pick me at 12:45PM for my appt for Dr. McCormark in Beford. Staff told me I could do it.

Tuesday-It rain Today. Mary told me that peoples at work can't come back until 2 week after days who stop working. I took a nap Because I couldn't sleep Sunday night.

Wednesday-It rain so bad the power went out after 8:30AM for about 5 mins. But the storm was so bad it got black outside. Mary went home at 11:30AM from work. Because she got sick. Parker found out that I have the Double DVD pack of Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeak quel. I told Parker I will take it on our trip.

Thursday-Mary didn't make it to work. I did my laundry Today. It didn't rain Today but windy. I will get my Electric Blanket from QVC on Monday. Dell was having they 9th Anniversary with QVC. So they are giving away9 computers away. Mary didn't make it to work.

Friday-I TXT Tom to see if he want to work on my teeths. He never got back to me. So I guess Christy lie to me. Like she did on Dec. 23, 2007 so she wouldn't get in trouble with Carol. Clay Aiken Fan Club will give away a sign picture. We had to tag a picture in the Fan Club on Facebook. I learn to do it. Mary stay home Today.

Saturday-I mow my grass Today. I received My Electric blanket, Livia Christmas gift and Celine Dion Taking Chance World Tour/The Concert- DVD/CD. I wonder why Jamey and Stori can keep they word to me and my 2 sisters lie 24/7 to me. I understand why the town call Carol a b----since she was about 15 year old.

Until next Sunday

Sunday, May 9, 2010

week of 5/2 to 5/8

Sunday-It 28 days before Clay Aiken new Cd "Tried And Ture" will be out. I don't freel good yet. It rain Today again. I call dad to remind him about my eye doctor appt for Tomorrow.

Monday-I took a Ranitidine last night. It help I don't have any pains. I'm getting new glasses on Wednesday. Chad call to Thanks me for his Birthday card. Stori forgot about having a Birthday party for Chad. So Stori will have something on Mother Day for Chad. Clay Aiken online team going to shut the web site down for 2 weeks.

Tuesday-Amanda move her office Yesterday. I sent a question to @clayaiken at Twitter, about if they was shut down the whole fan club or just the message board. @clayaiken answer, They wrote:Only the message board will be shut down. So I put it on Facebook and Clay message board.

Wednesday-Everyone had to get they lockers check out at work. The Front Office have a key to my locker. Mary heard that the machine for the rubbies is fix. The voting for Clay Aiken Fan Club Message Board is over at 11:59PM Tonight.

Thursday-I ask Mary if she would get my mail from the post office. When I go on vacation. Mary said yes she would do it. I told her I would give her money for my Electric bill. So she can could pay for it. Clay Aiken online team will keep the fan club message board open. When they put the new form of the message board up.

Friday-I was thinking there 24 days before Clay Aiken New CD "Tried And Ture" will be out. Mary told me that everyone went home at 1:30pm from FCCI. I call Stori about Sunday for Mother Day. Someone heard QVC saiding Clay Aiken will be on Wednesday, but we haven't heard it from his online team.

Saturday-I fill out homestead Deuction TS-1A form. I will mail the form on Monday. I told Mary Yesterday I will give her $150.00 for my Electric bill. What she have after she pay the bill she can keep. My Electric blanket Dead Tonight that I keep in the living room. . I have order a new Electric blanket from QVC Tonight.

Bye until next Sunday

Sunday, May 2, 2010

week of 4/25 to 5/1

Sunday-I didn't do anything. Because it with bad wind. Clay Aiken Fan Club went down for about an hour. I was going crazy.

Monday-Carol made copys for me. I pay my Town and Gas bills. I ask about my Town bill for June. I should be about to pay it on July 9 after. I will ask again in May. I told John and Amanda my vacation dates.

Tuesday-It stop raining after I got done working. I order Celine Dion "Taking Chances" World Tour The Concert CD/DVD It will be mail to me on May 11 from QVC.

Wednesday-It didn't rain Today. Mary went to see her doctor. He think she need more sugery. Mary forgot to ask the doctor if she could go back to work.

Thursday-I pass out order out notes Today for Tomorrow. It didn't rain Yesterday or Today. So I mow my grass. I couldn't put all the money I donate to National Inclusion Project in my checking account.

Friday-Order out day went well. Staff had to take me to Superburger to get the food. work went home at 11AM for the day. I talk to Mary, She told me that we will be the only 2 at work on Monday. I mail 2 Birthday cards to Karen Today.

Saturday-I start not feeling good after lunch. I did my laundry Today. In a month Clay Aiken new CD "Tried And Ture" will be out.

Until next Sunday