Sunday, October 24, 2010

week of 10/17 to 10/23

Sunday-I feel 50% better. I wish I had Clay Aiken concert ticket. That could why my head is in pain. Because I know that if I don't get them. Christy will be mad at me and I will be in the doghouse for a long time.

Monday-I feel 100% better. I went to Wal-Mart after work for Aunt Alice Birthday card.But went home with more stuff.

Tuesday-Tom Bosley from HAPPY DAYS TV show pass away this morning. I received my Photo license plate with Clay Aiken on it.

Wednesday-. So I didn't have to clean the break room Today because everyone was in the break room at 8:30AM and that is when I start cleaning the break room.

Thursday-Stori come to my trailer to help me pick out a new winter coat. We pick a coat from Land's End . I order the coat after Stori and the boys went home.

Friday-I saw Jamey, Chad and Ian at Wal-Mart. Because Stori went to a mommy retreat for the weekend. I got Clay Aiken Super Hits CD Today. I wrote a note on my Facebook page about a lady helping a homeless classmate on Facebook.

Saturday-I was feeling good until 9AM then my head start hurting. I think it my sinus doing it to me or drinking to much Diet Coke. I received a Halloween card from Christy and Tom. Land's End ship my order. I should received it on Monday.


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  1. Hi Deborah,
    I missed your blog this week because I was off at a bird show all weekend.

    Your tickets will come, don't worry. If it gets into January and you still haven't received them, I'll give you a number to call.
    Take care,