Sunday, October 31, 2010

week of 10/24 to 10/30

Sunday-I wake up at 4:47AM got out of bed at 5AM to write my weekly blog. Went back to bed at 6AM. Wake up at 8AM for the day. Before I wake up at 8AM. I was dreaming of Clay Aiken. I dream that Clay came to my trailer. But my Kitchen and Living room was in the right places in my dream and Clay cook in my kitchen in my dream Clay came in his tour bus to Paoli.

Monday- I paid my 2 Town bills Today. My new Winter Coat Come Today.

Tuesday-The wind was bad. By 10:20AM the rain storm started. It was so bad with the wind and rain. The lights at work went off and on. But part of the light didn't come back on . The washer and dryer didn't come back on.  So I went home at 10:45AM The Town was working on the pole as i was driving away. .

Wednesday-I will get done done working around 11:55AM at First Chance Center on Wednesday . Because I'm doing towels again.

Thursday-I saw a note with the date at work, It hit me. It been a year since Jamey and Stori went to Congo to pick up Chad and Ian I made a forum a Clay Fan Club about Chad and Ian.

Firday-It was about 32 when I got up for the day. Angie help me with orders. Some of Clay Aiken Fans is mad about his login time on his page. So Ground(ctrl) took his login time off his page.

Saturday-I didn't get sick Today like the last 2 Saturdays. So I put my clothes away. Carol came with my Birthday card. Paoli had Halloween Tonight. I had 11 kids tonight at my door. Livia, Parker. Chad and Ian came last night for their Candy. Because they went up to Indianapolis for the State High School Band contest Tonight. Paoli High School band came in 5th place.


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  1. Hi again Deborah,
    It certainly is time to start thinking about a winter coat. It has been pretty nippy out there!
    I read your thread in the Forum at the OFC and it is so hard to believe that this whole process with Ian and Chad started that long ago. I still think those two little boys are some of the luckiest little boys in the world!
    Have a great week and take care,