Sunday, October 10, 2010

week of 10/3 to 10/9

Sunday-I had to write my weekly blog 2 time Today. Because I somehow delete the blog.

Monday-Dad come over to see if he could fix my car key. He work on it for 5 mins. But I think he mess it up more.

Tuesday-I went out to start the car. The Key went in easy but the key didn't move. So Dad took me to work. When I got done working. Dad put DW-40 and the key move. So Dad and I took the car to Heinz. I went to work to have the Transit pick me Tomorrow and Thursday.

Wednesday-A staff let me call the doctor office. I can get in at 1PM I had Transit take me. My doctor gave me Doxycycline Hyclate. The Doctor office computers went down and they had to do everything by hand.

Thursday-Heinz call me. Ford will not let him fix my car. So I call Dad. Dad will take the car to Beford on Monday. Dad took me to get my hair cut. Then we went out to eat for lunch.

Friday-I stay in the laundry room until the dryer was done. Stori, Livia, Parker and a friend of Livia's took me to Wal-Mart for the week and we got they(kids) Halloween candy. Dad call my car will be done on Monday. Because he took my car to Beford Today.

Saturday-I'm 45 Today. I stay up until 2:22AM. Mom call and said they was coming with my car. I told Mom what Dad told me Yesterday. She said they have it so I wouldn't bitch about it anymore. I have a new key for the car. The old key will open the car doors. About an hour laterI was looking out the window at the car. I couldn't see the Clay Aiken License Plate cover. So I went out to see and someone took they hands and broken Clay name off of the cover. I had 74 friends wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Facebook. Carol never call Today.



  1. Deborah,

    May the 74 Happy Birthday wishes keep you warm and fuzzy for a long time. Your 45th celebration was well-earned this week, and I hope things improve.

    Do you want the new NIP voting widget that Scarlett created? Let me know, and I'll put it in your sidebar. You'll need to PM me your password again.

    Have an awesome first week of 45!


  2. Sorry about your license plate holder, some people are just jerks.

    I was one of the 74 who wished you a Happy Birthday on Facebook :D Carol can kiss my, um, sorry ;)

    Hope this coming up week is better.

  3. Hi Deborah,

    It's nice to have that many birthday greetings, knowing that that many people care about you. :) I'm sure I was also one of the 74!

    That was just mean of someone to wreck your licence plate holder. Why people have to do that to spoil other's pleasure is beyond me. However, the world is the way it is and I doubt that anything is going to change.

    I hope you have a great week this week. Take care and hugs,