Sunday, November 28, 2010

week of 11/21 to 11/27/10

Sunday- I put a Birthday card and a letter in the Mailbox for Clay Aiken Birthday. But I forgot to tell Clay everything. I post on Facebook about Clay Aiken Birthday card. I got told I mail it to the wrong place.

Monday-The Embassy in Fort Wayne, IN called Ground(ctrl) about the concert tickets. They only can send out after the 3 week before the concert. I will never see the tickets. Because it take 5 days to received stuffs from CA. The Embassy only can send the tickets after 2 weeks before the concert to Ground(ctrl). Carol and Mike been married for 35 years.

Tuesday-Carol TXT me We are having Thanksgiving at Stori's. I call Stori to see when she was going to hers app. Stori going on Thursday. It been a week since FCCI had work. Crane cleaning is working on they day off so they can have Friday off. Because crane is open on Friday.

Wednesday-I got done at work at 9AM. I stay at work for lunch. I thought I would have 2 load of towels but I didn't. So I came home at 1PM.

Thursday-It Thanksgiving Day. It been 5 years since I saw Clay Aiken in Louisville, KY. Jamey parents and Aunt had Thanksgiving with us. I start playing Clay Aiken Christmas CD.

Friday-My order from JcPenny came Today. I order 2 T-shirts from Clay Aiken Fan Club store sale Today. I got the 2 T-shirts for the blanket I'm making. Stori TXT me with hers due date. Stori due date is June 30.

Satuurday-I mop my kitchen floor with bleach. Mike Called about my Christmas tree. I told Mike no I didn't want it. Because no one came to my trailer. That why I need to go to Clay Aiken Concert. Because it will be 1st time Christy will do something with me without the whole family since 1978. She think sitting with me for 5 sec in my home and be with Carol for 12 hours is ok.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week of 11/14 to 11/20/10

Sunday-Paoli Facebook page post a video of the whole block that was on fire Yesterday. The whole block is gone for good. Sue post the video from Facebook and a news story video in my Forum at OFC. I want to Thanks Sue for the Video's.

Monday- I found out everyone went home at 12 on Friday. staff didn't go and get any work for the lines Today. Stori post on Facebook that she is pregnant.

TuesdayI was the only one working at Work and there will not be any work Tomorrow but me doing laundry. There was 8 family that lost everything from the Saturday fire. I post it in the forum about the fire OFC.

Wednesday-I wake up with ear pain. Went to the ear doctor. I waited for an hour. Went up to the window ask how long it going to be. I was the last person, my app was at 3:45PM and it was 4:40PM when I went up to the window. The lady told me the doctor was an hour late seeing people. So I made another app for Dec. 9. Then the lady told me the doctor is alway late. My app is 12/9 at 1:20PM and see how long I will sit in the waiting room. Carol call we are going to draw names for Christmas. I got everyone gift done. Then Dad call about Christmas. Dad told me, he will draw the names. There will not be any work for this week at  but me.

Thursday-It Christopher Birthday he is 28 Today. I was getting dizziness before I went to bed last night. I was feeling ok at work. I got home at 9AM for the day. By 9:30AM I was so dizziness I couldn't lay down without being sick. I call my doctor, I can see him at 2:40PM. I got to the doctor office at 2:30PM got in a room at 2:42PM. My doctor gave me another shot and pills for dizziness. I fell to sleep after taking the pills for 3 hours. Chad and Ian been in Paoli for a year I post that in they forum at OFC.

Friday-I was little bit dizziness when I got up. My mouth was dry from Yesterday. My mouth was dry until about 11AM. We had 31 order for The Tasty House Restarant. After lunch I went to Wal-Mart for the month.

Saturday-I send a message to Stori on Facebook. To see if she had hers Calenders mark for March 1-3. So Christy can have a hot date with me and my gay boyfriend (LOL) I put half of the laundry away this morning. I was little dizziness Today but not that I couldn't stand up.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

week of 11/7 to 11/13/10

Sunday-Some people who going to see Clay concert on 2/11 received they tickets on Oct. 19. This tickets was order from the PBS station. I can see my floor of my bedroom.

Monday-I send 4 Birthday cards Today. Stori called She told me that she is having a bab. But can't anyone in town. But I can tell my Claymate friend. Stori told that they are changing Chad Birthday from 5/5/2009 to 7/14/2007. About 2 people got layoff from work last Friday.

Tuesday-Went to work to do Crane laundry. The Crane laundry wasn't there. I will do the Crane laundry on Thursday. Because I have to see my doctor on Wednesday. Stori heard the heart beat of the baby. Stori go back to the doctor in 2 weeks.

Wednesday-I went to see my doctor for my left ear. He couldn't see anything wrong with it. He want me to see another doctor for my ear next Wednesday.

Thursday-It Carol's 52 Today. I found out there was 4 people layoff from work last Friday. We didn't get together for Carol Birthday.

Friday-Christopher E-mail me to Thank me for the $20.00 , Birthday card and told me he will be seeing us on Christmas. Sue received hers Birthday card she Thank me on Facebook.

Saturday-It Parker Birthday, he is 9 year old. We got together for his Birthday. The Old National Bank old building got on Fire from about 7:30AM to 4:40PM. There was about 16 Fire station fighting the fire Paoli run out of water. Because of the fire. fireman had to drive about 45 miles to get water. The police block 2 block from the Fire. I post it in a forum at Clay Aiken Fan Club about the Fire and Sue post some picture the I found on Facebook from other friends pages.



Sunday, November 7, 2010

week of 10/31 to 11/6

Sunday-It HALLOWEEN. I wrote my weekly blog at 5AM. I had trouble getting my Yahoo E-mail to show up. Then I blog at Clay Aiken Fan Club. It took an hour for my blog to show in the list. Since Ground(ctrl) too Clay login time off his page. They been having trouble.

Monday-. I'm sick of the Forum about Clay Aiken account. I know they will run him off. They did it before and will again. Stori told me. I can get Livia Black Hills earring for Livia Birthday in February. My whole Family been in Paoli for 45 Years.

Tuesday-. It 5 months to go before I see Clay Aiken in Fort Wayne, IN.

Wednesday-It Jamey's 37th Birthday. I posted on Jamey Facebook page. I wrote HAPPY 42th Jamey LOL. I start getting dizz tonight again.

Thursday-I feel little bit better. No dizz this morning. Until Tonight I had bad dizz.

Friday-I call my doctor. He can see me at 11:10AM It took him 35Mins before he saw me. He had me get a shot because I have water in my ears.

Saturday-I had no dizz. Wash my bed sheets and towels. Put laundry away. My ears is in Pain.