Sunday, April 3, 2011

WEEK OF 3/27 TO 4/2

Sunday-I took pictures of the snow on my car and my desk steps. I upload the pictures on Facebook. I wrote my weekly blog late Today. I space the days in the blog as I wrote. But when I post it the days wasn't space. I editthe blog to move the days. But it didn't work. I try to move the days about 5 times.

Monday-I received my $50.00 rebate from Verizon wireless for my new Cell phone. Verizon put the money on a Visa card. I will use the card at Wal-Mart on Friday. Social Security Administration send my paystub back to my. The year of my paystub is 2009 to 2010. Amanda told me Bill late day is May 6.

Tuesday-My alarm on my cell phone didn't turn on this morning. Then my McAfee firewall was delete. I had to buy aonther $96.00 Firewall. 2 line on my cell phone was missing I change the phone for 30 mins. 1 line was missing when I went to work. By the end lunch 2 lines was missing again. I call McAfee, the lady told me the firewall from last week wasn't on my computer. So $85.00 from last week on the firewall will be back on my Master card. in 10 business days. I forgot my lunch bag at work.

Wednesday-I got my lunch bag from Yesterday. When I went out to my car from work it was snow shower.  I went to check the laundry went back to the break room.

Thursday-I dust my TV stand. I have to get a new picture frame for Mom and Dad married picture. I need to email Carol about April 20.

Friday-I received a bill from Tom's office for $389.00 I will send it on Monday. I was cleaning out my computer desk draw. There was 26 CD cover in the draw. I email Carol about April 20. Mary and I went to Subway for lunch. Last week was Subway reopening. There was a line at Subway. I try to talk to Dad about June 2. But he cut me off and told me. It not my business. I said I need to tell Amanda if I'm working or not. I check on how much I had in my National Inclusion Project jar. I have $700. to donate on April 4.

Saturday-I wash my sheets and towels. At 12PM Channel 34 and up was lock up. I couldn't get the toll free number work it was busy. I got a person at 1pm on the phone. The guy didn't know how long it going to be. It took almost 8 hours before all the channels was back on. Mary didn't have hers home phone or her Internet. Because her phone and Internet is with the TV cable company. So Mary had no home phone for about 8 hours. I didn't get anything done Today. I blog at Clay Fan Club about Stori walking in the 5K run and walk for Congo Woman in Indy. I had Sue move Stori profile picture from Facebook to Chad and Ian thread at Clay Aiken Fan Club. The picture is the whole family.



  1. Hi Deborah,

    The weeks roll around very quickly and it's Sunday again. I don't know about there but the weather seems to be looking a little spring like and most of the snow has gone. There are just little patches here and there.

    You are amazing with your generous donations to the National Inclusion Project. If Clay knew what a wonderful supporter he has in you, he would be most impressed!

    Isn't it irritating when your cable or some of your favourite channels are down? We are such creatures of habit that we must watch certain things at certain times or it upsets our whole day. We could get our phone much cheaper using cable but we are concerned that cable does go down at times but the phone never does. However, for the money, we probably should do it anyhow.

    Kudos to Stori for doing the 5K run and walk in Indy. She is quite a lady!

    Take care, Deborah, and ttyl.


  2. I hate it when my internet goes out - HATE it! Don't mind the TV so much as long as I have the internet =)

    Another busy week and YAY for National Inclusion Project!! WELL DONE!