Sunday, April 24, 2011

WEEK 4/17/ TO 4/23

Sunday-I was thinking last week. Stori ask about going on vacation with them for 2 weeks last April. I look in my Journal . It was March 30 when Stori ask about going on vacation.

Monday-I paid my taxes on my trailer. I went to the treasurer office. There wasn't a line at the treasurer office. I went to the post office to mail CD to Randi Penland. Then sign a card so my mail will be on hold for 3 days. Carol TXT me Yesterday about going to Fort Wayne on Wednesday. I received my membership stuff from Barry Manilow. Fan Club.

Tuesday-I pack a overnight bag for the trip to Fort Wayne this morning. Stori call to see if I want to stay with them. Because we will be in a bad wind and rain storm. The wind will get up to 70 to 80. I inbox Sue about the storm. So if something happen to me. Sue will know. I told Sue if she don't hear from me Tomorrow. She know I'm hurt or dead.

Wednesday-I got onlie at 12:30AM I could stay in bed this morning. . Christy and Carol paid for shoses, earring and other stuff for Matthew Wedding. They thinking they help, but they didn't. I will get trouble when I tell Mom. Mom was mad because Carol was on my Cell phone when I was trying on the dress. We went to Matthew and Lyndsay house. Christy and Carol said they would help me get dress on the Wedding day. I will never see it. Because they will go help Lyndsay and I will be in the Hotel room with my parents getting trouble. Matthew and Lyndsay will name they baby Sophina Blake.

Thursday-I told Christy and Carol about last Thursday and did what Mom did to me to Carol. Now I think they will listen to me now. Tom fill 7 teeths need and 2 more and they are my 2 front teeths. Tom took my Insurance to pay for the work from March and Today. I need to drink more water and 1 coke on Saturdays. I couldn't feel my nose for 2 hours. We got more stuff for the wedding weekend. Christy made a appointment for June 6. Because Christy and Tom going to French Lick for meeting on the 9th for 3 days. So they will drive me. I inbox Amanda on Facebook about June 6 to 8 I told her I need to talk to her. Carol got rooms at Hilton. one for mike and her 1 for me on the same floor and 1 for Michael and trisanna for Matthew Wedding. I show Christy, Carol, Mike, Tom and Matthew National Incluision Project Thank You card. I have to use a waterpik on my teeths now to keep them.

Friday-My mouth blood last night. I told Tom about the blood. I ask Tom if I could have a coke one time a month. Tom ok it. I ask Tom how could I have 5 bad teeths in a month. Tom told me they didn't check that good at my teeths in March. Mike, Carol, and I start coming home at 9AM. We went to Sam in Bloomington. We got to Carol's at 2:30PM I went right to Wal-Mart for the week. I email Christy about what Tom told me about having a coke one time a month. Then I ask Christy if I could have a fiber bar. I got weak and tried. I posted Jerry Aiken note in the Thank You note thread in Clay Aiken Fan Club. Ground(ctrl) will give Clay fans a 6 years membership.

Saturday-Christy call about if it ok. If she put me with Stori,Jamey, Michael and Trisanna table after the Wedding. I was weak and tried again Today. I just sit around Today. I did laundry and inbox Stori about what Christy call that she will put me with her , Jamey , Michael and Trisanna table.



  1. I sure hope your teeth are feeling better now, glad you got that all taken care of!

    I'm sure everything will work out for the wedding and everyone will have a very nice time

  2. Oh how I hate dental work but I'm glad it's over with now. You have reminded me that I have to make an appointment.

    You've had another busy week. I had a very busy weekend and I am still so tired I can hardly think.

    The wedding will soon be upon you and I'm sure you will have a wonderful time.

    Take care cuz I care,


  3. Deborah,

    Sorry I'm late getting here. I agree with IAM about dental work. Hope all is well.

    Keep us posted on the wedding plans. Hope everyone has a great time!

    Have an awesome weekend and new week!