Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week of 4/10 to 4/16

Sunday-Mom call to see if there anything I need her to sew. Told her the dress for Matthew and Lyndsay wedding. Mom want me to go to the house. I told her it to hot and I will come on Thursday after work. I need a new trash can for the computer room. Because I got a new paper shredder and it don't work with the IU trash can.

Monday-It was so hot last night I couldn't sleep. It was 84 in the trailer. It got down to 80 tonight. It rain all day. I been getting about 150 Email every day.

Tuesday-Carol TXT to see if I need her take me to Maryann to get the dress fix. I TXT Carol back at break and told Carol about Thursday. Then I TXT Carol again and told her I will call her as I'm walking out my door on next Wednesday. Christy Email me. She saw my blog about Tom's bill. I don't have to pay the bill. Stori call about Saturday night. Because my cousin Cindy is coming to stay over night.

Wednesday- Stori went out of town to shop. I ask Stori if she was getting Matthew and Lyndsay Wedding gift. She told she couldn't. I received my taxes on my trailer. It cost me $60.80 for the year.

Thursday-I went to my parents to get my dress fix. Mom said I don't help Stori out. Then she call me fat. Then I try to tell mom Christy got me some underwear that I can wear at the wedding. But she call me every bad name for being disabled then Mom came after me and push me down in a chair. I took a picture of the dress for Facebook before I took the dress over to mom. I mow my grass Today. I try to get my only room at Matthew Wedding. Dad wouldn't let me because it will cost $300.00 for 2 nights at Hilton.

Firday-Stori TXT me about using my Computer. Because they CD player doesn't work. Because Livia use all they month time download music on her Ipod. I found out Chad and Ian put black marks on my TV. I call Stori, but she wasn't home. Carol call we may not go to Fort Wayne until Thursday morning the day of my appointment.

Saturday-Stori call about the TV. I told Stori to call me when Cindy and Mike get there. Because Cindy is my cousin. Stori called about 2:30PM. I went out to Stori's. Cindy ask about Clay Aiken Concert. Cindy said I need to meet Clay. But March 2 was my last concert for good. I came home at 8:30pm.



  1. Hope your thumb is better! Your dress is very very pretty, I hope we get a photo of you in it (and just so you know, you are not even remotely fat).

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Hi Deborah,

    Sorry about your fall and hope your thumb is better quickly.

    I thought the picture you posted of your dress was very pretty and I agree with Sue that you are not fat at all! I wish I was as slim as you are.

    So sorry you've had a rough time this week ... so unfair.

    Take care and hope you have a good week this week. :)