Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 4/3 to 4/9

Sunday-My TV channels 100 and up was all black. I call Aveune about the cable. It happen every month. So if the go crazy again. I'm E-mail them. Because it happen on the weekends.

Monday-I donate to National Inclusion Project the money I had in the National Inclusion Project jar. I will start saving for 4/4/12. We had storms Today. Stori said Parker was home sick. So we are going to Jamey office on Thursday. I will take Stori and the boys out for lunch on Thursday.

Tuesday-I was thinking I need to get a Birthday card for Sharon. I'm thinking about getting a card Tomorrow. I received a letter from Marcelene Gomzales from Dulce, MN. I need to fix my pen pal letter on my computer Louisville news said a mom lock out hers kids out of the house in the storm Yesterday.

Wedneday-I change up my cell phone up last nigh. I had one barrier line missing at 4:45AM. So I change up my cell phone. At 5:40AM the cell phone was change up. At 6:25AM to 7AM my cell phone had the mode cord will work press any key. I went to Wal-Mart to get a Birthday card for Sharon.

Thursday-Went out to Stori's. So we could go to Jamey office. Stori told me she hurt her back at Wal-Mart getting a botton of water. We got the boys from play school. We got to Jamey office. Stori had Jamey put the boys in the van. I paid for lunch for all 5 of us. Stori and I drove home the boys fall to sleep. When we got to Stori's house. Stori took Ian in the house first. I waited in the van with Chad. Stori got Chad out of the van. I went home. I try to make address labels with pictures. But I couldn't.

Friday-I TXT Stori at 10AM at break at work about Stori back. Stori TXT back she said Much worse. Jamey stayed home to watch kiddos. I TXT back to Stori. I said go to Doctor. Stori TXT back she said Jamey already called. Because I'm preganant, Tyilenol and bedrest.

Saturday-It Sharon Birthday. We had a rain storm for about 30 mins. I received a Thank you note card from Jerry Aiken Executive Director from National Inclusion Project for my donate from Monday. Stori told me she couldn't walk Yesterday.



  1. That was a wonderful donation you made to the Project and how cool that Jerry Aiken sent you a thank you note! Well done!

    I hope Stori is feeling better :(

    Have a great week

  2. I had planned on saying almost the exact same thing about your donation to the Project that Sue said so I'll just say "ditto".

    I do hope Stori is feeling better very soon. At this stage of her pregnancy, it would be very painful as there is already pressure on her back. Tell her I wish her well.

    Went to a "Cluncheon" to meet up with a bunch of Canadian Clay fans in Toronto yesterday. It was nice seeing a bunch of the people I've met in the last year.

    Take care and have a good week, Deborah.