Sunday, May 8, 2011

WEEK 5/1 to 5/7

Sunday-I got The Thank you card for Tom and his staff in the out going mailbox I have $22.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar.

MondayMy cell Phone alarm didn't come on this morning. I had no service with my phone. After I got to work  We got service back at 8:38AM. I forgot to go to the Bank. Carol said not to go out to hers house to fix the clothes for the wedding because of the weather. I blog at Clay Aiken Fan Club about a month from Tonight.

Tuesday-Our cell phone went out of service again Today.  Because Orleans and French Lick was under water. I received my GOT CLAY AIKEN hoodies from E-bay. My heat for my trailer was on when I got up for the day.

Wednesday-My cell phone didn't go out of service. The weather is crazy. It was 38 this morning.

Thursday-I was looking at my Calendar and Memorial Day on Monday. I e-mail Christy. I ask her if it ok for me to miss a brushing teeths on 6/1.Because what I do on Tuesdays I will have to do it on Wednesday(6/1) and (7/6). Because of Memorial Day and 4th of July. I told Christy I brush my teeths on weekdays 5 times. Christy email me back. She told me it ok to miss 1 time.

Friday-Mary had me pick up our lunch at Long John. We ate at the Yard sale Mary was helping out at. There was a DVD about Bill working at First Chance Center . Bill was at First Chance Center for 28 years. So he will not have to get out of bed on weekday for work anymore.

Saturday-I look down to pick something up when I look up I got dizz since then I haven't feel good. I try to clean the trailer. I got my paper stuff for the bank done Yesterday I will take it on Monday to the bank. No one call about getting together for Mother Day Tomorrow.



  1. Hi Deborah,

    Sorry the cellphones were acting up. It is awful being without a phone. Been there, done that! I almost missed an appointment because I set the alarm on my cell phone and forgot to turn it to "on". Fortunately, my internal alarm worked and I was awake in time.

    Those Clay hoodies should be neat. The only hoodie I have that I call my Clay hoodie is the light blue Carolina Tar Heels hoodie I bought when I was in Raleigh. Clay has one so I wanted one too.

    Your former co-worker, Bill, sounds like quite a guy. 28 years is really something!

    If you had a dizzy spell, please take it easy. It's not fun and it can make it very difficult for you.

    Take care and be well,


  2. Sorry about your cell service - that's just all kinds of awful!!!

    I'm looking forward to Memorial Day because I actually have the day off for a change =)

    Take it easy - it's the time of year when all sorts of ick is out there.

  3. Deborah,

    What a rough time for cell phones not to work! Glad all is well now.

    You should post a picture of you in the new hoodie. Hope you enjoy!

    Take care, and have a great week!