Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week of 5/8 to 5/14

Sunday-It Mother Day! It was fog outside this Morning. I wrote to Barry Manilow International Fan Club Today.

Monday-I wake up at 2:30AM and saw my clock on my TV cable box wasn't showing up. After work I call Aveune about my TV cable box. A guy come at 2:30PM and saw I had a old TV cable Box. The guy gave me a new TV cable box. The guy wasn't bad my on eyes too. Stori call to see if Parker could stay with me when they go to Livia school band concert. Jamey pick Parker up. Stori and Livia come about 30 mins later to pick Parker. I meet them outside told Stori. Jamey had pick Parker up. I saw Livia was dress up. I told Livia she look nice for a brat. I got alway from the car before Livia hit me.

Tuesday-I got my A/C on in my trailer. I need to tell Stori to tell Parker I have A/C on. Because I didn't have it on. When Parker was here last night. My trailer was 85 inside last night.

Wednesday-I received 2 GOT CLAY AIKEN T-shirt Today. I could renewal at Clay Aiken Fan Club. Tonight I went with Ulitmate package. The package have CD/DVD case, Dry erase magnet board and 50-sheet notepad. Ground (ctrl) will hook us up with a Live Video chat with Clay Aiken starting this Summer.

Thursday-I went to get my hair cut. I knew the lady who cut my hair wasn' t there. The owner was going to cut my hair. When I got there. The owner Debbie told me. The lady (Can't think of her name right now) had hers baby last night. I received a post card.

Open House

Dr. Blake and Christy

along with his Dental Staff

invite you to an Open House commemorating

Dr. Blake's 30 year in Dentistry

Where: Orchard Ridge Country Club

When: Thursday June 23, 2011

Time: 6:00PM - 8:00PM

I email Christy last night to see if Tom was working all day on the 8th. Christy email me back Today. They both are working all day on the 8th 7AM- 4PM. I told Dad I was going with Mike and Carol to Fort Wayne on June 2.

FridayI got the order outday note done for Pizza Hut for May 27. I'm hook on the bingo game on Facebook. I did laundry for the week tonight.

Saturday-I clean up the kitchen. I told Carol that I told Dad I was going with her and Mike up to Fort Wayne on June 2. I received a post card to renewal my subscription to Paoli newspaper before June 1.



  1. I can't believe how fast the weekends roll around. It has been an exciting week for Clay fans as those video chats should be a lot of fun.

    You really are getting some warm weather down in Paoli. It was warm in here last night but it is so expensive to run the A/C that we wait until it is really hot out. I'm hoping that won't be for a while.

    I managed to get out and pull some weeds out of the grass on Friday but my work was short-lived because it started to rain. This is the third day we've had rain so soon we'll need goats to cut the back lawn!

    You have to watch those Facebook games as they are addicting. I'm still addicted to Bejewelled but I keep getting worse instead of better.

    Another busy week for you. I wish I could get some of your energy.

    Have a great week!


  2. I renewed my OFC membership too, but opted for the digital membership only - no more Clay stuff, unless he personally delivers it =)

    Sounds like you had quite a week!