Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week of 6/26 to 7/2

Sunday-The power went out at 5:14AM it come back at 6:06AM. But Mary told me. Her stove clock stop at 3:42AM. But I wasn't up at that time. I clean the bathroom sink. I try writing a pen pal letter.

Monday-It storm when I was at work. I paid my Town bills Today. Weather man said it will storm Tonight and Tomorrow. I didn't think it was Monday. When my cell phone alarm came on at 4:30AM. Sophia is one week old.

Tuesday-It's didn't rain Today. Owen is a week old. I need to get the pen pal letter done. Mary TXT me. To see if I know Sandy Mom age. Because the ambulance was call to a Asbell resident and the lady was 87.

Wednesday-Crazy day at work

Thursday-Stori due date was Today. But Stori had Owen 9 days ago. Mary don't have money to go out for lunch Tomorrow. Mary will TXT me if she want to go for lunch.

Friday-A year ago. I was in Custer, South Dakota. Mary at TXT 12:21PM but I was eating lunch. Before 4PM I post on Mary Facebook page to see what she want. Mary said she want to go for Lunch. I told her I thought she would TXT before 12 not after 12. Mary post back with she was sick with a headach that why she TXT so late. We will try next month. I have $49.00 in my Jar for National Inclusion Project. A police man came to my door looking for a guy. The police man was calling in Licence plate numbers.

Saturday-At 12AM I put my laundry away. I wash my Towels and sheets. Fold last month towels. Stori post on Facebook last night that had Mastitis. Carol Cooke will send me stuff of Clay Aiken.


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  1. Deborah,

    Sounds as if you are having another busy week. Thank you for keeping us posted on the new babies in the family.

    Congratulations on your ever-expanding donation for the National Inclusion Project!

    Have an awesome weekend. See you on Sunday!