Sunday, July 24, 2011

M week 7/17 to 7/23

Sunday-Stori and Mom try every kind of cleaner for my bathtub. But they didn't work. I try old Scubbing Bubbles. It work better. But it will take a long time to clean the brown stuff off the bathtub.

Monday-I inbox Stori at Facebook to see if Chad like his Birthday gifts from Christy & Tom. See when Parker going to the doctor again for his seizure and see who is out Congress men was. Stori come back and told me. Chad love his gifts. Parker going to the doctor in September. Parker was at Church camp this week and Parker will start taking his med after he get home on Friday. Our Congress is Todd Young. Clay Aiken was on The Talk. Clay said his son Parker don't like Clay singing in the house or with the TV. But Parker like listening to Clay CD's in Clay car. Clay knows he will stop singing, but not soon. I wrote a letter to Clay about when Clay stop singing. in the Dear Clay thread at his fan club. But I got told don't have to worry. I'm sick of other telling me what they what me feel. I can't write anything without someone telling me I can't feel that way.

Tuesday- When I got home and got on my Internet it stop. The Internet yellow light went to red. So call Frontier. It took Frontier 2 hours to fix it. It was something in Town.

Wednesday-Sophia Rae Blake is a Month old Today. The power went out at 1:32AM for 2 hours. I got papers to fill it for Medicaid/ Hooier Healthwise Eligibility Review Form. I told Mary about the form. She told me where I can get the form fax. Ask Mary if she would go with me Tomorrow.

Thursday-Owen Charles Sullivan is a Month old Today. I pick Mary up at 8:30AM. We got the form fax done by 9:10AM. Blog about how I can feel stuff before it happen at Clay fan club.

Friday-I went to my doctor for my dizzy. He want me have therapy treatment for my ears for vertigo. I went home and call about my 1st therapy treatment. I will go on Monday at 1PM. I got the order out day note done for next Thursday. All week it feel like bath water at 6AM outside. We having a video chat with Clay Aiken on Aug 1 at 8:30PM. I try to upload Firefox, but delete it because java wasn't hook up with firefox yet. I hope I can see and hear Clay with my Internet Explorer.

Saturday-I received a letter from Avenue Broadband. NewWave Communication is purchasing Avenue Broadband. I did my laundry Today. Wish Washing DC would get they act together before next weekend.


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