Sunday, July 31, 2011

My week 7/24 to 7/30

Sunday-Yesterday my cousin June became my friend on Facebook, my Dad is my friend on Facebook too. I couldn't get on Barry Manilow Fan Club Today. I didn't get anything done Today. Only thing I did was looking up stuff in Washington DC about the deal. I E-mail President Obama from the White House Web Site.

Monday-I couldn't get on Barry Manilow Fan Club yet this morning. I got on Barry Manilow Fan Club at 10:50AM. President Obama talk on TV Tonight. About the deal they need to sign. I went get the Therapy treatment for my ears. But the lady couldn't help me. Because she couldn't get me dizz.

Tuesday-I was thinking House speaker John Boehner & President Obama need to sign a short deal before Aug 2. Then they should start talk about pay the whole debt Crisis off .

Wednesday-I mow my grass Today. It took 2 hours. because Dad mower dead on me. Had to use my mower.

Thursday-I had to order a new grass shear. Because my grass shear dead on me Today before I use it Today. I post on Todd Young Facebook page. I ask him not to sign any deals that cut Social Security out for good. Todd comment after me. Saying there no deal with SS cut out.

Friday-Order out didn't go to good. I forgot to write down a order. So I feel bad about it. I got my paycheck before lunch.

Saturday-I wake up at 4:10AM. I clean some of the Computer room. I had to order a Crazy Horse T-shirt online Today. There was a deal for Aug 2 last night. But it was dead in the water this morning.


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  1. Deborah,

    Congress needs to hear from all of us. Kudos to you for writing to your representative!

    Thank you for sharing your week with us. Hope you are having a cool first of August!