Sunday, July 17, 2011

My week 7/10 to 7/16

Sunday-I wrote my weekly blog at my main page, then at Clay &; Barry fan clubs. I didn't get my mail Yesterday. I went to my mailbox Today. There was a key in my mailbox for the other mailboxes that hold boxes. There was a larger Post Office box it was from Carol Cooke. Carol gave me 13 DVD's of Clay Aiken 9 CD's of Clay. Pictures, a book of pictures of Christmas tour of 07, and other stuff. I E-mail Christy about walking on Friday's to First Chance Center and I would eat something from ther snack machine then floss my bridge. Christy said it sound good.

Monday-Crazy at work

Tuesday- I TXT Stori to see when she want me to take Chad Birthday gift from Christy and Tom out to him. Stori never TXT me back. So after work I call Stori. Stori got my TXT but got busy. I understand because Stori 5 kids under 12. I received the poster I order from Clay Fan Club. It the same one from Clay concert in Summer of 05. Because the one I have is falling down, and I have so much tape on it. But right now it staying on the wall. I thought Today was Wednesday.

Wednesday-Parker is having EEG done Today. I may not have my Monthly check on Aug 3. My dad said the Gov. have the money to pay in Aug. But they don' after Aug.

Thursday-Chad Birthday is Today. I waas dizz after I got home from getting my hair cut. I took the pill again. I sleep all day again after taking the meds. I miss the TV show Big Brother. Wal-Mart freezers was down Today. Lyndsay due date was Today. But she had Sophia on June 20.

Friday- Wal-Mart freezers was working Today. Stori & Jamey had a pool party for Chad Birthday. Jamey parents & I was the only family at the party. Carol talk my parents out of going to the party because it was kids under 12. Jamey got dad favorites beer for him for the party. I ask Stori about Parker EEG. She told me they are putting Parker on med. They have to go back to the doctor next week. I think. Livia, Parker. Chad, Ian & Owen have a 2 story playhouse outside. I blog my Great-nieces & Great-nephews ages at Clay Aiken fan club.

Saturday-I wasn't dizz. But I didn't fell like do anything Today. I wish everyone in Washington DC would get they hands out they butt and make a deal before Aug 2. I blog my Great-nieces & Great-nephews ages at Barry Manilow Fan Club Today.


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