Sunday, July 10, 2011

My week 7/3 to 7/9

Sunday-There wasn't any good movies on Today. Clean some of the trailer. Stori post on Facebook that she took the boys hiking days ago. They got off the patch and she realized they were in Poison Ivy. went home and shower everyone quickly Apparently, Stori miss washing her ears, neck, and upper chest!Stori carrying Ian home. Stori have some wicked posion Ivy. But Stori feel better from Mastitis. The power didn't go out doing the storm Today.

Monday-I have a black and blue mark. on my right leg. I blog my week at Clay & Barry fan club. It's the 4th. I clean my bedroom. I laugh hard watching The Talk with Donny Osmond Today. It will feel funny working Tomorrow.

Tuesday-When I got to work my car dead as I back up. The battery & oil lights came on. I turn off the car. Then turn it back on with no problem. I call Mom so she could tell Dad about my car. . Dad came We talk. Dad drove the car almost to French Lick without any problem. The book I'm reading the pages are falling out after I read it. Carol call me. Because Christy call Carol to tell us that Sophia is back up to her birth weight 5lb 3oz. Because Sophia lost her wight when she went home.Sophia is small too.

Wednesday-I was thinking Today was the day I came home from my 2 weeks vacation last year. I didn't have any problem with the car. Mom was on my answer machine. To see if I had any pictures of her or Dad on my facebook. She order me to delete a pictures. Because she said the a law the no one have to have pictures. on Facebook. I guess Mom will have to call hers 2 nieces and Tom sister and order them to take all picture of her and Dad off. I made 2 thread about Casly Anthony Verdict. at Clay & Barry Fan Clubs. I have abou 8 post at Barry fan club. But no one post at Clay fan club. Today was the first outing for Stori with all 5 kids.

Thursday-I call Stori about Chad Birthday gift from Christy and Tom. Casly Anthony will be out on Wednesday. Stori call to see if I would house -sit started Tonight. She will understand if I don't want to because it was last minute call. I said no. Parker will have a EEG done on July 13. Owen went on his first road trip to Indianapolis for Jamey niece wedding. I blog about Matthew and Lyndsay Meun from they wedding. at Clay Fan club.

Friday-, Mastitis and hers outing with all 5 kids. I think I will do my fill-in puzzles on Fridays and write pen pal letters on Saturdays and read my book on Sundays.

Saturday- I was going to Clear real good Today. But I got Dizz. It took Antivert. I sleep almost all day because of the Antivert. But I did mow my grass. I use both mowers. I use my to mulching around my tree by my bedroom window. Then I use Dad cordless Electric mower. It took me about an hour to mow After dinner sleep 3 hours off and on.


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  1. Deborah,

    You have been a very busy lady this week. Thnx for sharing your experiences with us.

    Happy Weekend!