Sunday, October 23, 2011

My week 10/16 to 10/22

Sunday-Yesterday on my TV cable box music channel DMX had Clay Aiken song "On My Way Here", it was on the Adult Contemporany channel on DXM.I wrote 4 pen pal letters. My grass by my bay windows donn't look like I mulch my grass on Monday.

Monday-I didn't feel good when I got up for the day. I got my new account with Frontier up and working. I will be able to pay my phone bill online in Nov. I clean the kitcken. I received a letter from Philip Robillard.

Tuesday-I only had 6 load of laundry at work. So I got done working at 11:15AM. 5 mins after I got home it start raning. The high for Today was 50. There was pictures of Clay Aiken woking on Celebrity Apprentice show on Facebook.

Wednesday-My heater come on before I went to sleep last night. Then at 4:30AM when I wake up for the day the heater come on. I got Halloween candy. I went back to reading "To Sir Philip With Love" by Julia Quinn. I will try reading the book between 2 and 3:45PM weekdays. If  I'm not sleeping. Christy Email me about coming home on Sunday for the day. and do something with her. I email Christy back ask her what time she was going home on Monday. If she stay for lunch I would take her out.

Thursday-Sophia Rae Blake 4 month old Today. I was getting dizz at work but it would go away and come back.. Went to Post Office to get 3 book of stamps. I was using my Master card. The lady couldn't take my card. So I came home and order 4 book of stamps online. I start getting dizz bad. I call Stori to tell her not to come for lunch. Stori told me Livia was home from school sick. I took the pill lay down in the living room. I didn't do anything after taking pill. I sleep msh of the day. Christy Email me back, she will go home around 2PM.

Friday-Owen Charles Sullivan 4 month old Today. Mom call this morning about Christy. I forgot to put my Car Insurance bill and rent bill in the out going mail box Today. So I took the bills to the Post Office.

Saturday-Went to Walmart. I walk in to Walmart about 7:45AM and walking out at 8:15AM. I took coupons. I got 22 Items. Without coupons and tax it was $55.80. With coupons and tax it was $49.69. I save $8.10. I put laundry away and did laundry.


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