Sunday, November 20, 2011

my week 11/13 to 11/19

Sunday-It Parker 10th Birthday. I mop the bathroom floor, didn't vac Today. There a guy on the Indiana College Basketball team from Louisville, Ky. The wind was bad all day.

Monday-I went to Bureau of Motor Vehiches it didn't take long. My sonicare toothbrush dead Today. So I order a new one from Walmart online. Then I email Tom and Christy about the toothbrush.

Tuesday-My power went out at 7:40PM until 12:30AM . Paoli had a tornado last night. Half of the building down town roofs is off. A tree hit a trailer in the trailer park. The tree cut the trailer in half. Paoli had the big fire a year ago on Nov 13.

Wednesday-I received the cookies form Raynell Today. I bag 10 cookies for Livia, Parker, Chad, Ian and Owen. I received my new sonicare toothbrush Today.

Thursday-Stori forgot to call me. Ian didn't go to playschool. Because the lady daughter was in the hospital. So I went out to Stori for 2 hours. I'm hoping order out will go good Tomorrow.

Friday-Order out went well. Christopher is 29 year old Today. Chad and Ian been here for 2 years Today. Putting laundry away.

Saturday-Went to Walmart with coupons save $6.65 I check my new Frontier bill for Dec online. My bill is $133.96. Because I didn't pay it before  Nov 16. But the nov bill don't have that on it. It just have due date 11/19 and I paid it online yesterday I call Frontier. The guy said they billing is all mess up in Indiana.


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