Sunday, November 27, 2011

My week 11/20to 11/26/11

Sunday-Stori TXT me about Thanksgiving. We are going to her house for Thanksgiving. We are eating at 1PM. Sophia Rae Blake is 5 months old Today.

Monday-Owen Charles Sulivan is 5 months old Today. Jamey facebook page is missing. So I inbox Stori about Jamey page. After I got home from work. I got on my facebook page. Stori got back to me. Jamey don't have a page anymore.

Tuesday-Carol and Mike been married for 36 year Today. I think I need to take something then cottage cheese for lunch. Because I was cold after lunch.

Wednesday-Thankgiving dinner at work

Thursday-It Thanksgiving. I shower at 7:30AM, but didn't dress after the shower. I start not feeling good. I took Tylenol and lay down. I got dress at 11AM. Went out to Stori at 12:15PM. Stori and Jamey what us to start eating at 1PM. But my parents was 18 mins late. Carol and I call my parents 2 times looking for them.

Friday-It been 6 years since I saw Clay Aiken in concert in Louisville, KY. My washer half dead Today. I got drzz bad. I took my meds but it took 2 hours before the meds kick in.

Saturday-I didn't feel good when I got up for the day. I inbox Stori to see if I can use her washer on Thursday. I put laundry away. I wish I knew why I get drzz alot.


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