Sunday, December 4, 2011

My week 11/27 to 12/3/11

Sunday-I sended a message to Stori to see who fix her washer. Because my washer is don't working right. Stori told me she had to ask Jamey and he wasn't home. Because Jamey, Parker and Ian went to the Colt game. But Carol told me the person who fix Stori washer.

Monday-I call Starr to see if they work on my washer. The lady ask if I got the washer from them.. I said no. They don't work on washer they don't sale. So I call a place name Jerry's 15 miles away.  The guy said no one can come Today. So I said after 12PM Tomorrow. The guy said yes any time between 1 and 5PM Tomorrow.

Tuesday-It start snowing around 2PM. It melt when it hit the ground. The guy from Jerry's call at 3:08PM. He got here by 4:10PM. He thought he know the trouble was. But it wasn't fix. He look at the washer again. I ask if it was a big trouble. He said it better for me to buy a new one. I had the guy talk to Dad. Dad said we need to talk before we get a new washer. I know what that means. I TXT Carol about the washer. Carol TXT me back ask if I want her to help. I said yes and she need to call Dad and tell him.

Wednesday-Clay Aiken is 33 year old Today. I TXT Carol to see if there any news. Carol TXT back no washer at Jerry's.. Then Carol TXT back said windhorst has a Whhilpool for $399.00. Then Carol TXT back saying Starr have the same washer. I ok it. Then call saying they will be at my trailer at 9 or 10 AM Tomorrow.

Thursday-Crazy Day

Friday-Mary and I went to Subway for lunch. I had sweet tea to drink. I wash my towels Today.

Saturday-I wash my bed sheets. Put last month towels away. I email Christy about Barry Manilow last show at Paris Las Vegas.


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