Sunday, December 11, 2011

My week 12/4 to 12/10/11

Sunday-It start raining at 8AM. I got my banking stuff together for Tomorrow. I thought I would be about to watch the Indiana college basketball game. No it was on

Monday-It rain since Yesterday. I forgot the Sullivan Christmas post card to show Amanda. It stop raining around 2PM.

Tuesday-I take the Christmas post card of The Sullivan Family. I need Jamey to help me with my computer. Because I can't update my Firewall. It said my flash player wasn't hook up. Amanda told me she wouldn't be at work Tomorrow.

Wednesday-Crazy Day

Thursday-Some how got Clay Aiken new song on download. I don't think it ture. Because what Clay said on Oct 7.

Friday-CNN report that been post stuff on they web site. They have NO RIGHT to have. Some big time stores may just close for good. Because been saying this stores are having %15 off sales. The stores saying Amazon lies about everything on they web site. I think the store are going to  sue for this.

Saturday-The National Inclusion Project Gala was Tonight. One bid got $30,000.00. I received a Christmas card from Carol Today. I received a Christmas post card from Lyndsay and Matthew Yesterday.


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