Monday, December 26, 2011

My week 12/18 to 12/24/11

Sunday-I got up late. So I took a shower before I wrote my weekly blog. Jerry Aiken and I became friends on facebooklast week. Stori send me a message to tell me. She is taking the boys to First Chance Center on Wednesday.

Monday-A jerk tired 2 of they house dogs to a picnic table in the cold at work.We call the pound. For the pound to take the dogs.

Tuesday-Carol call me, Matthew and Lyndsay coming down on Thursday. Sophia Rae Blake is 6 month old Today.

Wednesday- My nephew Michael ask Trisanna Mills to marry him. Trisanna Birthday is Today. Owen Charles Sullivan is 6 month old Today. Stori and all 5 kids show up at First Chance Center with cookies.

Thursday- I got done working at 9AM. Went to Walmart for the week. I'm off of work until Tuesday.

Friday-I meeted Sophia Today. I saw Trisanna ring Today. I took about 14 pictures of Sophia. I made a list of the family. There is 20 persons in the family now from Dad to Owen.

Saturday-Christmas Eve. Tom and Christy pick me up at 9:55AM.  Tom, Christy,Matthew, Lyndsay and Sophia had Christmas. Because Matthew, Lyndsay and Sophia went back home to Fort Wayne. So they can have Christmas with Lyndsay parents. Mom broke a wine glass at Carols. I didn't get home from my parents until 9:30PM. Because I come home at 4:30PM from Carols. Then Tom pick me up 7:30PM for dinner.


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